Wealth management as it should be

Invest your wealth with the help of a seasoned team and a powerful, cost-effective online service.

When investing your capital is at risk.

Help your money do everything it is meant to do

Put your savings to work

Put your savings to work

Invest in high-quality, fully-managed portfolios and watch your savings work harder for you.

Enjoy the retirement you deserve

Enjoy the retirement you deserve

Discuss your options with one of our advisers and design your pension investments to meet your goals, whether you’re saving or drawing down. Retirement may never have looked so good.

Provide for your family's many needs

Provide for your family's evolving needs

Set up multiple portfolios with varying risk levels so that you and your family are ready for whatever life throws at you.

If you are time poor, cash rich and looking for somewhere to invest, who are you going to call? Up to now the answer has been a wealth manager… However, a new online wealth manager is offering a similar service for half the cost, at the click of a button.

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Once aboard, clients are promised first-class asset allocation…

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Plan your wealth with our advanced online service

Developed by our technology and investment experts, our online service allows you to plan for different outcomes and model for tax, inflation, timeframe and risk levels. You can then invest in high-quality managed portfolios designed to help achieve your goals.

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When investing your capital is at risk.

Our investment is in the experts to manage your investments

Netwealth has created an investment team dedicated to giving you peace-of-mind and to saving you time.

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The Netwealth Network: the more the merrier

Invite up to seven additional family members or friends to your network and drive fee benefits for the whole group. Intergenerational investing: a win for the whole family.

Setting up a network is incredibly easy. In our case, three generations benefit from lower fees, while our individual accounts remain private.

Nell Butler, Netwealth client

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Smaller fees make a huge difference

Netwealth charges a fraction of the rest of the industry’s typical management fees. This means your investments work harder and you could be significantly better off over time.*

We make use of cutting-edge technology to deliver our service — never compromising on quality or security — at a cost that is substantially below those of conventional wealth managers.

Calculate your fees

Compare a £500,000 investment in a balanced portfolio over 20 years, based on the all-in costs of a Netwealth portfolio and a traditional wealth manager.*

Netwealth's Fees Chart

* Assumes an annual gross return of 5.3%. The traditional wealth manager fee of 1.86% is calculated as the average total expense ratio (TER) of the wealth managers listed in research by Numis and Citywire published by Citywire Wealth Manager in February 2015. The TER for Netwealth is calculated as 0.7% based on the 0.35% all-in fee, 0.30% estimated all-in underlying fund costs and 0.05% estimated annual costs of trading.