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Understanding the impact of the lifetime allowance, with strategies that could work for you

Many investors will be impacted by the lifetime allowance, so it’s worth understanding the impact it could have on your pension. You can also get a clear view of your potential tax charge and consider which strategy may be appropriate for you to mitigate its effects.

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Fiscal policy has a role to play in generating real, sustainable growth

The fundamental challenge facing the economy is the need for stronger, sustainable growth. This is not a new problem and dates from the 2008 global financial crisis. In its wake, the trend rate of economic growth slowed sharply and has never recovered.

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Key issues facing the UK

There is much pessimism about the UK now. There are many reasons for this but factors that figure prominently include wariness of the Bank of England and monetary policy, pessimism towards sterling and – more recently – concerns that the tight UK labour market may not only feed current inflation but raise concerns about whether the UK’s growth potential is low.

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How tech innovation can help optimise portfolio performance

Technological advances often propel a positive shift in our lives – giving us more control, better access to information and making mundane tasks easier. These developments also help us to manage money and invest with more clarity, but we should always be aware of both the limitations as well as the benefits of tech.

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Combating the destructive power of high fees plus higher inflation

Our latest research reveals the combined destructive power of two forces on pension pots: high fees plus higher inflation. But it’s worth noting that one of these factors you can control, while it is vital you plan for the effects of the other.

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Younger investors have been burned – here's why they should rekindle their investment approach

If you are a younger investor (or are in a position to guide them), you may be feeling despondent about investing now. But it’s important to recognise that while investing has its ups and downs, it makes sense to put your money to work wisely over the long term.

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Why a UK recession is likely

We expect inflation to peak soon, and to remain elevated before decelerating next year. An easing of supply problems and base effects will be responsible for this. However, where inflation may settle is hard to say.

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Inflation is high now – but even when it’s not you have to prepare

Inflation is surging and while its effects are most immediately evident in the rising cost of living, it’s also important to examine how much it can affect your financial plans. And it doesn’t have to be high – even relatively subdued inflation can have a significant impact on your future if you don’t prepare for it.

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Portfolios prepared for diverse market conditions

It’s not an overstatement to say it has been a challenging start to the year for investors. Surging inflation, interest rate hikes, slowing growth and the conflict in Ukraine all make it a difficult environment to invest and feel reassured. But it should encourage you to know we have the experience and expertise to help guide your investments through difficult times.

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Where now for bonds?

There has been much commentary recently about falling bond prices, especially around coverage of US Treasury bonds. But what does this mean for investors who hold bonds and even for those who are not invested in this asset class?

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