Our Views on the Markets and the Economy

Making the Most of Available Tax Wrappers

When investing there are several factors that are out of your control, such as market performance, volatility and inflation. Yet one thing that you can influence – that significantly impacts your wealth – is to deploy tax wrappers to contain your investments, and ensure that tax-free allowances and exemptions are also used.

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Reacting to the Budget 2018

Immediate thoughts on the Budget by our chief economic strategist Gerard Lyons.

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A Budget Reaction

The immediate implication for markets from this Budget should be neutral. This has been reflected in the initial market reaction. Of course, often the devil is in detail that unfolds in the days after the Budget.

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What to watch out for in next week's Budget

Ahead of the UK Budget on October 29th, our chief economic strategist Gerard Lyons assesses the likely outcomes.

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Thoughts Ahead of the Budget on Monday 29th

The Chancellor has succeeded in playing down expectations ahead of this Budget. This, plus the uncertainty over the exact exit path from the EU that the Government will take, suggests that this will be a holding Budget, in the sense that there will be no major policy changes announced. There will, however, be some tweaks to economic forecasts and fiscal plans.

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Day in the Life of a Portfolio Manager

A lot goes in to managing money responsibly. A major part of it is ensuring that where we decide to invest stays on track – to help our clients meet their goals for the level of risk that is acceptable to them. Portfolio manager Simon McConnell reviews a typical day.

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A consequence of recent market volatility has been heightened attention on whether equity markets are due a major correction. Therefore, we feel it is an appropriate time to provide answers to questions which may be particularly relevant to investors.

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How to Prepare if Markets Take a Downturn

After the relative calm of the Summer months, market volatility has picked up again in October. While we remain positive on the long-term outlook for both the global economy and asset markets alike, here we share our thoughts on being prepared – and what to do if we experience a market correction.

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Bali’s Growth High

I have been to Bali twice. Once was on honeymoon. The other time was to give a keynote speech at the Asian Development Bank annual meeting that was taking place there. It is far better suited to holidays and romance than finance and banking.

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Brexit and the UK Economy

This note focuses on Brexit and the UK economy. The key message is that we, as managers of Netwealth portfolios, continue to closely assess this area, and likely consequences. Naturally, no-one has a crystal ball, particularly when it comes to the political, economic and financial interactions that are possible, but we can assess the risks, opportunities and likely consequences in a logical way.

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