Our Views on the Markets and the Economy

Numbers of the Year

A snapshot of some of the important numbers of 2018 - and some numbers we found interesting.

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Market Review of 2018 and 2019 Outlook

Without doubt 2018 has been a challenging year for investors, with the majority of major asset classes posting negative returns for the year. We look back at 5 key themes that have influenced markets and highlight topics that we will be focusing on in 2019.

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What Lies Ahead in 2019?

What lies ahead in 2019? As we end 2018 there is a negative mood impacting equity indices across the globe and current market thinking about what the future may hold.

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Investment Traps to Avoid in 2019

We usually recognise the wisdom of investing for the future – whether for a specific purpose like a child’s education or our retirement. But it is surprisingly easy to ignore the ‘investment traps’ which can make a considerable difference to the outcome.

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Looking Ahead to 2019

In this video our chief economic strategist, Gerard Lyons, explores the outlook for 2019 - which will depend on the interaction between fundamentals, policy and confidence.

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Like many of our clients we are captivated and challenged by a variety of topics and themes. As this is an exciting time of year for all readers we would like to share some of the books we hope to find in our Christmas stockings in 2018.

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From the Paris Frontline as China Comes West

I witnessed at first hand the good and the bad of the changing global economy in Paris on Friday and Saturday. The good being the message from the fourth annual Silk Road Forum to which I was invited.

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When Should You Change Your Risk Level?

When we think about investing it is useful to think about it in terms of risk – how much we should take, and how much can we afford to take to reach our goals. Therefore, it is relevant to ask, how actively should we change our risk level to respond to events or economic news?

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Economic Update

It is a fast-moving political landscape. At the weekend world leaders met at the G20 in Buenos Aires. The most notable takeaway for the world economy and the markets was news of a productive meeting between Presidents Trump and Xi. This has put a halt to any new year escalation of the trade war, with previously announced hikes in tariffs now being put on hold.

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How to Live Comfortably for Longer

The chances are, you will live longer than your ancestors. Potentially, much longer. This is most likely a good thing – but how do you ensure you don’t run out of money?

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