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Charlotte Ransom, CEO of Netwealth comments "There will always be a need, plan for the retirement years or to consider inheritance and wealth transfer; however...technological advances have helped raise awareness and allowed for much improved access to information."

Spear's, 12 October 2021

What does wealth mean in 2021?
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Gerard Lyons, Chief Economic Strategist with Netwealth, says "...The positive about this tax is that it is aimed at a good reason, catching the internet companies etc.. That's why many countries agreed to 15%."

LBC Radio, 08 October 2021

Global corporation tax rate of 15%
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Gerard Lyons is chief economic strategist at Netwealth, and also an independent non-executive director of Bank of China (UK)...He says: “People first began talking about the middle-income trap impacting China a decade ago. China has introduced policies such as the belt and road initiative and the dual circulation policy, which aim to address the imbalances."

FT Adviser, 05 October 2021

What is happening to the Chinese economy?
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Gerard Lyons, chief economic strategist at Netwealth, said the UK needed to keep investing in its infrastructure, including data and back office facilities, to remain competitive.
A report from [Netwealth] the wealth manager revealed that only around half (53%) of parents are planning to split their wealth equally among their children.
New research published by Netwealth reveals the risk of family financial friction as half of parents do not intend to split their wealth equally between children.
Charlotte Ransom, CEO of Netwealth, commented [on Netwealth's recent research]: "By breaking down the taboo of speaking about money, parents can provide helpful clarity for the future and enable everyone to make more informed financial decisions, both as individuals and as a family."
Half of parents today do not intend to split their assets equally between their children, polling from advice firm Netwealth found.

The Telegraph, 25 September 2021

Family feuds over wills hit all-time high
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The poll, by Censuswide for Netwealth, a wealth manager,...warns that the “communications gap” between the generations grows over time, “with young adults lacking clarity around their parents’ plans for their wealth when they die...”.

FT, 25 September 2021

Half of UK parents plan to treat children unequally in their wills Article behind paywall
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If ever there was the need for another game-changing moment for the economy, it is now..., the opportunity exists for the prime minister and chancellor to unveil a vision that addresses the key economic problem: the need for stronger, balanced growth.

The Times, 13 September 2021

If there was ever a need for a watershed moment in the economy, it is now Article behind paywall
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