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We have been here before, such as after the Second World War, when debt to GDP was around 260 per cent. That ratio then fell steadily because of solid growth and financial repression. We need to see a repeat now, to avoid the debt trap becoming an economic reality."
Analysis published last year by wealth manager Netwealth warned that retirees could effectively lose 11 years of their savings to the combination of high fees and inflation."

The Telegraph, 29 March 2023

How to pay less for your pension: the cheapest providers in 2023 Article behind paywall
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Matt Conradi, Head of Client Advisory at Netwealth, a wealth manager, says: “You’d have to be in a particular sweet spot to be able to make £60,000 contributions and also have an IHT problem. The minute you realise you have an IHT problem you are usually already too high an earner."

FT, 24 March 2023

Are pensions really so good for IHT planning? Article behind paywall
Matt Conradi, head of client advisory at Netwealth, warns: “If you have some form of historical LTA protection, it is not yet clear whether adding funds would void that level of protected tax-free cash.

FT, 17 March 2023

Tax-free pension changes: what they mean for you Article behind paywall
The digital wealth manager’s MyNetwealth service enables users to collate, track and strategically plan their finances.
Wealth manager Netwealth has launched MyNetwealth, a service enabling savers to track the value of their investment holdings in one place and plan for their long-term wealth needs.

International Adviser, 20 February 2023

UK wealth manager sets up financial planning service
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The MyNetwealth service is basically a dashboard into which you input details of your pension and ISA accounts, and the investments you hold in them.

Bloomberg UK, 20 February 2023

A useful planning tool
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Tom Kimche, senior client adviser at Netwealth, says: 'You have sufficient funds for your immediate expenditure as you have over six months’ worth of expenses as cash...'

Investors' Chronicle, 27 January 2023

Can I go part-time now and still afford to retire later? Article behind paywall
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Gerard Lyons, chief economist at Netwealth [...], said that while it was too early to assess the impact of the EPL [Energy Profits Levy] on investment and tax revenues, the “uncertain tax environment” linked to oil and gas exploration had “not been helpful to investment in the North Sea”.

The Telegraph, 24 January 2023

Windfall tax raised 25pc less than forecast in December, official data shows Article behind paywall
The Telegraph
The figures were better than expected but they weren't that big a surprise" Gerard Lyons, chief economic strategist at Netwealth [...]

Sky News - Ian King podcast, 13 January 2023

Surprising GDP figures
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