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Netwealth, an online wealth manager, also allows clients to link up with friends and family to capitalise on lower percentage fees based on the combined value of their investments. The company had reduced the minimum investment amount for members of these linked account “networks” from £50,000 to £5,000, making it easier to access for younger investors."

FT, 23 November 2021

Interactive Investor to offer ‘friends and family’ pricing Article behind paywall
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Wealth manager Netwealth’s Gerard Lyons, Boris Johnson’s former economic adviser, said the process had been “a complete farce”: “It basically led to unnecessary volatility in interest rate and currency markets, and it also led to higher mortgage rates being passed on to a number of buyers.”"

The Times, 20 November 2021

Andrew Bailey interview: Public sector hiring spree is heating up jobs market Article behind paywall
The Times (2)
Charlotte Ransom, founder of tech-enhanced wealth manager Netwealth, says she has inherited plenty of unsatisfied clients during the pandemic. “Lockdowns have been a trigger for families to examine their finances, the performance and the service they’ve been getting and the fees they’ve been paying,” she says.

FT, 19 November 2021

Do you pay too much for financial advice? Article behind paywall
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There’s not much choice when it comes to children’s investment accounts. Only a handful of providers offer them, such as...Netwealth."

Woman&Home, 04 November 2021

How to start investing for your grandchild
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For anyone with a traditional adviser, but who doesn't feel they need the full fandango of advice every year, I like Netwealth. It's a hybrid offering, with an adviser assigned to each client offering either face to face or online meetings. The extent to which you use a real-life adviser is up to you."
Gerard Lyons, Chief Economic Strategist at Netwealth, says: "Overall it is improving the rate of opportunity, increasing the rate of economic growth so we all benefit but important for future growth is to make sure we don't overly tax or burden middle- or high-earners."

LBC Radio, 27 October 2021

Cross Question with Iain Dale
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Gerard Lyons, Chief Economic Strategist at Netwealth, writes: "The prospect of inflation and higher rates is weighing on the chancellor’s thinking, as each raises the cost of servicing government debt, via index-linked gilts or overall borrowing costs. Rishi Sunak’s room for manoeuvre is limited..."

The Times, 23 October 2021

Chancellor must focus on growth to restore confidence in the economy Article behind paywall
The Times (2)
A recent survey by Netwealth found that only 53 per cent of parents were planning to split their wealth evenly amongst their children. Worryingly, the same research also found that only 23 per cent of young adults had openly discussed succession plans with their parents.
Charlotte Ransom, CEO of Netwealth comments "There will always be a need, plan for the retirement years or to consider inheritance and wealth transfer; however...technological advances have helped raise awareness and allowed for much improved access to information."

Spear's, 12 October 2021

What does wealth mean in 2021?
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Gerard Lyons, Chief Economic Strategist with Netwealth, says "...The positive about this tax is that it is aimed at a good reason, catching the internet companies etc.. That's why many countries agreed to 15%."

LBC Radio, 08 October 2021

Global corporation tax rate of 15%
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