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Charlotte Ransom, chief executive officer of Netwealth, said: “The pandemic has had an impact on the finances of most across the UK, so it is surprising to see such low levels of engagement with financial advisers and wealth managers who can provide much-needed support in navigating significant pressures during this complex period.”

Netwealth CEO Charlotte Ransom said that people needed to think about the long-term implications of their money, before it was too late to do something.

New Model Adviser, 26 April 2021
Brits shun advice to go it alone during pandemic
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Charlotte Ransom, CEO of Netwealth, commented, “Encouraging people to...set up a flexible life plan to help achieve their goals will be vital to ensure people come out of the pandemic stronger and more financially resilient than before."

Gerard Lyons, Chief Economic Strategist at Netwealth, predicts that we’ll be back to pre-crisis levels of economic activity by the beginning of 2022.

Gentleman's Journal, 09 April 2021
A deep dive into the UK economy: what happens now?

Lord Rose of Monewden, the former Marks & Spencer boss, has become the latest City grandee to invest in Netwealth after he joined an £11.3 million funding round by the wealth management start-up.

The Times, 29 March 2021
Former M&S boss Lord Rose backs Netwealth
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Netwealth chief executive Charlotte Ransom said: “I am delighted to welcome another highly-respected investor in Stuart Rose to our current group of backers...the consistency of support from our other shareholders in this round, shows confidence in our model and recognises the strong progress to date,”

UK “challenger” wealth manager Netwealth has completed its fourth round of fundraising with total investment now standing at £38m ($52.5m, €44.6m).

International Adviser, 29 March 2021
‘Challenger’ wealth firm eyes IFA acquisitions

Netwealth was co-founded by former Goldman Sachs banker Charlotte Ransom...Ransom said: “..., advice firms began to realise, I think, that Netwealth is a business that is going to be around for a long-time, and they can see the benefit to their clients of our use of technology."

Charlotte Ransom, the CEO of Netwealth, commented on this: "...having a long-term ‘life plan’ is an important tool to help those currently unsure of how they can still achieve key milestones and financial goals over the course of their life.

Iain Barnes, head of portfolio management at Netwealth,.. says: “Our primary aim as an investment team is always to align our portfolio construction with the firm’s overall ethos: delivering quality performance in an efficient way."

Commenting on the findings, Netwealth CEO, Charlotte Ransom, said: “It is encouraging that the concerns highlighted have been met with a proactive response from many looking to take control of their financial futures."

"Netwealth...invests customers' cash at a low cost to deliver a steady income for long-term goals. The concept is hardly new. But while traditional wealth managers have tended to charge 2 per cent or more, Netwealth's fees are less than 1 per cent."

"Ms Ransom launched Netwealth in May 2016...[she] provides the sector with thought leadership on issues including diversity, fee transparency, and technology. About half of Netwealth’s clients are women – double the industry average."

TheWealthNet, 08 March 2021
International Women’s Day: 10 women shaping the private wealth industry
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Gerard Lyons, Chief Economic Strategist at Netwealth, writes: "The Chancellor avoided squeezing the economy this year or next. Planned tax increases are being delayed until after the economy has recovered. That makes sense economically,.."

The Spectator, 03 March 2021
This was a Budget for the end of the Covid crisis
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Charlotte Ransom, CEO of Netwealth, says: clarity is key... [wealth managers] should have great technology that gives their clients a high level of transparency in terms of how their portfolios are performing and why they’re performing the way they are..."

Gerard Lyons, chief economic strategist at...Netwealth, said that neither stimulus measures to encourage economic growth, nor tightening measures to reduce the deficit, are needed right now.

Gerard Lyons, Chief Economic Strategist at Netwealth, says: "...the government could actually make life a lot simpler for everyone by deciding that the [stamp duty] either reduced significantly or ideally eliminated."

Gerard Lyons, chief economic strategist at Netwealth, writes: "From this Easter, unlocking will be the trigger for a strong recovery. More significantly, by the beginning of next year, the economy will have rebounded to be back to where it was on the eve of the pandemic."

Sam Pitts-Tucker, Senior Client Adviser at Netwealth: It would make sense for her to think about moving £20,000 a year into Isas to minimise the impact of tax, a process that can be automated by an adviser like Netwealth.

Netwealth, a “challenger” wealth manager, has named a longstanding figure in the asset management sector, Edward Bonham Carter, as its chairman.

Charlotte Ransom, chief executive of Netwealth, has been included in the 2021 PAM 50 Most Influential for the third year running. This is the definitive list of those at the forefront of shaping private client wealth management in the UK and Crown Dependencies.

TheWealthNet, 25 January 2021
The 2021 PAM 50 Most Influential revealed

Gerard Lyons, chief economic strategist at Netwealth, writes: “Politicians will have to decide on what is an appropriate level of risk. That requires a clear exit strategy and road map for the future..."

The Telegraph, 23 January 2021
We must learn to live with the coronavirus
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Gerard Lyons, chief economic strategist at discretionary investment management firm Netwealth, said: “I expect inflation to stay structurally lower for years to come, though given the exceptional environment we are in, there may be a short-term spike..."

FT Adviser Podcast, 22 January 2021
Inflation rise doesn’t have to be bad for equities

With the industry in flux, Mr Bonham Carter is taking on a new role as chairman of Netwealth,...Netwealth has “had a good record” in the Covid crisis, he says, both in terms of its technology coping with customer demand and in terms of business.

Charlotte Ransom, CEO of Netwealth, writes: "...These findings clearly emphasise a shift in investor preferences. It is vital that further technological adoption takes place to complement the role of wealth managers and to guarantee the needs of consumers are being met..."

Gerard Lyons, chief economic strategist at Netwealth: "I expect the UK economy to return to its pre-crisis level during the first quarter of 2022. This is likely to be in-line with other major economies in western Europe, with the euro area back to pre-crisis levels by mid-2022."

Financial Times, 03 January 2021
UK economists’ survey: recovery will be slower than in peer countries
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Dr Gerard Lyons, chief economic strategist at Netwealth, said that in the UK: “The economy will recover, and in terms of output it will be a good recovery, but the big issue is what happens with jobs."

"Netwealth offers powerful online investment tools which can help you plan for your financial future from the comfort of your own home."

"Gerard Lyons, chief economic strategist at Netwealth, writes: "The jobless rate has already risen from 3.8 per cent to 4.5 per cent, with 1.52 million people out of work. This could climb to three million, reaching levels last seen in the mid-1980s.""

The Times, 28 October 2020
Rising unemployment is a problem that needs a package of solutions
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"Gerard Lyons, chief economic strategist at Netwealth, is expecting a U-shaped recovery for the UK economy...Lyons believes that the economy could recover relatively quickly if the government is able to make tax cuts and relax social distancing."

"Netwealth, an investment manager, said more than 70 per cent of those [young people] asked were worried about whether their fund manager gave them value for money."

The Sunday Times, 25 October 2020
Save £18 on this year’s car cover
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"Charlotte Ransom, chief executive of Netwealth, said: “As the UK prepares for at least another six months of coronavirus restrictions, it is imperative that the industry takes heed of younger investors’ dissatisfaction during the first lockdown."

International Adviser, 20 October 2020
Battle for next gen clients set to heat up

"Gerard Lyons at wealth manager Netwealth said: “Too often, the intervention on the help-to-buy side tends in practice to lead to house-price rises.”"

The Sunday Times, 04 October 2020
PM sparks alarm with plan for 95% home loans
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Dr Gerard Lyons, chief economic strategist at Netwealth, says: "Even when we do see that recovery in the economy, I think the big worry and the big focus for this government,...should be the significant rise in unemployment that we are about to see."

LBC Radio, 30 September 2020
Tom Swarbrick interviews Gerard Lyons

"Gerard Lyons, chief economic strategist at Netwealth, says: "The aftermath of this COVID crisis is unconventional fiscal policy, and the combination of continued unconventional monetary policy...should allow the economy here and globally to recover.""

BBC Radio 5, 28 September 2020
Wake Up To Money

"Netwealth surveyed more than 1,000 investors with assets of more than £50,000, with the number considering a move rising to 44% among those with more than £1m."

"The study by wealth manager Netwealth, also found that among those considering switching providers, the three main reasons were high fees, poor investment returns, and poor financial planning services, "all areas that have been under discussion for some time within the wealth management industry," the report said."

Charlotte Ransom, CEO of Netwealth, writes: “…Today, we can offer the combination of highly experienced advisers and investment mangers, with all the benefits of modern technology, which makes for a highly potent mix."

Speaking with Dr Gerard Lyons, who is chief economic strategist at Netwealth…”We now know that because there is no vaccine, some sectors of the economy will not be able to turn to business as usual because of the necessary social distancing…we need to extend the furlough scheme to other sectors…"

LBC, 08 September 2020
Nick Ferrari At Breakfast

Dr Gerard Lyons is chief economic strategist at Netwealth, writes: “While areas like retail and housing are rebounding solidly, the arts are prevented from returning to business as usual because of the vaccine gap and the necessary social distancing that entails."

Matt Conradi of Netwealth said the short-term £5,000 savings should go into a stocks and shares Isa so the money can grow tax efficiently while remaining accessible."

The Telegraph, 08 September 2020
What to do with £10k: the ultimate plan for a 30-year-old investor
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There’s likely more to come. The world can expect to be hit by “different waves of unemployment,”…said Gerard Lyons, an economist with Netwealth…"

Gerard Lyons, Netwealth’s chief economic strategist, writes: “The government needs to unveil a pro-growth economic strategy. There is too much uncertainty about the consequences of the necessary policy-easing that has taken place."

The Times, 01 September 2020
Growth will be the key to rebuilding the economy, not increasing taxes
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Dr Gerard Lyon, chief economic strategist at Netwealth believed that the UK “needs a fresh template for its relationship with China”. He added: “Central to this should be a differentiation between strategic and non-strategic areas."

Gerard Lyons, chief economic adviser at Netwealth, a discretionary wealth management firm, said: "Even years after the global financial crisis it is clear that as interest rates fall, markets are not pricing for the risks that are there."

Dr Gerard Lyons, chief economic strategist at Netwealth, writes: "Crucially, while it is positive for many people that they have been able to work remotely during the pandemic, it is hard to see this being beneficial for the wider London ecosystem if it becomes the norm."

The Spectator, 08 August 2020
London in limbo: can the capital survive this crisis?
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Gerard Lyons, chief economic strategist at Netwealth, is expecting a U-shaped recovery for the UK economy… the country will come out of recession in the second half of 2020 as the lockdown eases, but says that we shouldn’t expect to reach pre-crisis levels until the end of next year."

I asked Charlotte Ransom, chief executive of the investment service Netwealth, if richer parents also end up with shrivelled balances for subsequent children. “I hear about it all the time. It’s either a question of cashflow, when parents are less able to fund it, or sometimes — for wealthier families — life takes over and they just don’t get round to it,"

Matt Conradi of Netwealth, another financial advice firm, warned Barclays approach wasn't helping investors build up valuable experience. He said: "After two years, if an investor is full of confidence it is because markets have gone up, so they are no better equipped to know what it feels like to go down."

Charlotte Ransom, CEO of Netwealth, has been included in the Spear’s HNW top ten Wealth Manager Index. Charlotte says Netwealth remains committed to… ‘defining what modern wealth management looks like’ by leveraging expert management and advisory with modern technology."

I also had a chat with the team at challenger wealth manager Netwealth about how income investors can adapt to a world of minuscule interest rates and rather less generous dividend pay-outs – you can watch it here."

Gerard Lyons, (Chief Economic Strategist at Netwealth), says “…what we clearly need is a coordinated economic strategy to ensure that growth continues and to incentivise the private sector to take up more of the slack."

Sky News, 08 July 2020
Economic statement

Iain Barnes of Netwealth, a wealth manager, was less bullish. He said there could be considerable volatility along the way, particularly in the coming months if case numbers rose."

The Telegraph, 04 July 2020
How navigating Britain's stormy markets could win you £20k
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Gerard Lyons, chief economic strategist at Netwealth says: “The key thing is we’re in this unique situation of low inflation, low rates and low yields and therefore the government can borrow."

BBC Radio 4, 04 July 2020
Today (From 36:16 mark)

Gerard Lyons, chief economic strategist at Netwealth says: “…unlocking by economic sector doing it gradually is a positive in that respect…but the key issue here is the ‘Key Test’, we are in a vaccine gap…"

BBC Radio 4, 03 July 2020
Any Questions?

Iain Barnes, of wealth manager Netwealth, said central bank measures to support stock markets have led to a positive longer-term outlook for stocks."

The Telegraph, 02 July 2020
Are rising Covid-19 cases about to crash stock markets again?
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…over a call with Charlotte Ransom of Netwealth she said…‘We started to predict that as of 2020 it was very unlikely that investors could expect to have the same level of total returns that they had been enjoying over the last couple of decades."

Dr Gerard Lyons, chief economic strategist at Netwealth, told IGTV “…the UK economy is likely to pick up in the second half of this year, but won’t reach pre-crisis levels until next year."

Gerard Lyons, chief economic strategist at Netwealth, writes “What is needed now is a pro-growth economic policy, with a focus on jobs, living wages, increased investment and incentives for the private sector."

Gerard Lyons, former economic adviser to Mr Johnson and now at Netwealth, said low interest rates mean the state can keep borrowing, instead of cutting spending or hiking taxes."

The Telegraph, 12 June 2020
18 years of growth wiped out as lockdown triggers record economic slump
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Gerard Lyons, Chief Economic Strategist for Netwealth, says “…it is vital to stress that unlocking is necessary to bring the economy out of recession… You need three things in place to unlock successfully: testing, track and trace, but the third feature is vitally important and that’s behaviour."

BBC Newsnight, 11 June 2020

Gerard Lyons, chief economic strategist, Netwealth, has co-authored a report with think tank Policy Exchange looking at how the UK needs a pro-growth economic strategy for after the crisis."

Policy Exchange, 04 June 2020
A pro-growth economic strategy

Ms Ransom (CEO, Netwealth) believes that Netwealth’s straightforward technology and emphasis on lower fees has attracted clients looking for something new in the sector. Netwealth fees range between 0.95 per cent to 0.65 per cent per annum… usually a full percentage point below the sector average for the same services."

Financial Times, 03 June 2020
The women shaking up wealth management
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Take advantage of low interest rates,” said Gerard Lyons, chief economic strategist at Netwealth. He also wants VAT and stamp duty to be cut, saying: “We don’t know what will happen to people’s saving behaviour."

Tom Kimche of …Netwealth said: “In the event of another market downturn, they should use this cash instead of taking income from their portfolio. This gives the investments time to recover rather than assets being sold at their lowest value."

The Daily Telegraph, 20 May 2020
‘How do I protect my £400k savings from coronavirus and the taxman?’
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Gerard Lyons (Chief Economic Strategist, Netwealth) highlights “…six broad areas influencing markets: the virus itself; the economic picture; the corporate outlook; policy; second-round effects; and lessons from the past."

Iain Barnes, the head of portfolio management at Netwealth Investments Ltd. in London, says it’s hard to see exactly how demand for energy will rebound anytime soon."

Gerard Lyons, Chief Economist at Netwealth, says: "The key issue is to unlock in the gradual and phased way… brings the economy back into life. And it allows both people and businesses to plan ahead."

BBC Radio 5 Live, 28 April 2020
Wake Up To Money (from 24:30 mark)

Gerard Lyons, chief economic strategist at Netwealth writes: “A red, amber and green approach to unlocking is easy to understand, will mitigate the risk, gives people hope and allows firms to plan."

…Gerard Lyons, chief economist at wealth management firm Netwealth, said it would be better to unlock the restrictions in a way that makes economic sense, and “better to do it by sector than geographically because of that dominant role of London."

Dr Gerard Lyons is chief economic strategist at Netwealth… “In my view a traffic light approach – red, amber, green – is the best way to unlock the country and allow the economy to be revitalised, while ensuring the virus continues to be brought under control."

Dr Gerard Lyons, chief economic strategist at Netwealth, wrote a policy paper with Professor Paul Ormerod examining the options for ending the lockdown, and outlining the approach the Government should take."

Dr Gerard Lyons, Chief Economic Strategist at Netwealth… "what is important right now is that the government gets money to people who need it through the furlough schemes it rolled out previously."

Dr Gerard Lyons, chief economic at Netwealth… A lockdown is necessary to limit the spread of the virus and save lives, but it is not feasible or practical to prolong it for too long. A long lockdown will wipe out large swathes of the economy."

The Sunday Telegraph, 05 April 2020
Our three-step plan or ending economy's hibernation
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Netwealth, a wealth manager, said that new general investment accounts — taxable accounts opened by new and existing customers that would not be boosted by the looming end of the UK tax year — were up 90 per cent in the first quarter of 2020."

Financial Times, 03 April 2020
Surge in investment account openings on UK platforms
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Our analysis of the Netwealth data shows that older people’s wealth is concentrated among those aged between 65-74, rather than spread across our older population."

International Longevity Centre UK, 01 April 2020
Beyond the numbers – understanding the wealth of our older population

Charlotte Ransom, chief executive of challenger wealth manager Netwealth, said: "As long as you have enough cash for the next 6-12 months, you don’t have to cash out and crystallise losses just because the markets are down."

Financial Times, 26 March 2020
Income investors face 'dividend drought'
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Dr Gerard Lyons, chief economic strategist at Netwealth says: “…our policy response needs to be unprecedented, unlimited and urgent."

City A.M. podcast, 24 March 2020
The City View: A Daily Podcast

Sitting on cash is hard because it makes you feel like you have to do something," says Charlotte Ransom, chief executive of Netwealth, the challenger wealth manager."

Financial Times, 20 March 2020
Coronavirus: Retail investors attempt to navigate crisis
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Gerard Lyons is chief economist at Netwealth: "In terms of the financial markets, equities, bonds and sterling are all falling. In part this reflects the openness of the UK economy and that many assets are foreign owned."

The Telegraph Business, 20 March 2020
The Chancellor must write a cheque for the whole nation

Gerard Lyons, chief economic strategist at Netwealth says "A £1,000 cheque to every adult, each month, for the next three months would allow people to pay their rent and buy groceries. It could cost about 7pc of GDP. This is costly but manageable and better than the alternative."

Dr Gerard Lyons, chief economic strategist with Netwealth, "…We also need to see a monetary and financial response to reflect what’s happening in the financial markets and… provide liquidity and confidence to firms of all shapes and sizes across the country."

Charlotte Ransom, chief executive of Netwealth,… "Ideally, advice should be offered on an hourly basis when and if required, rather than being levied annually regardless of the advice you require from one year to the next."

However, as this crisis has spread, recovery hopes have faded. It now looks more likely to be a global recession – the U-shape," said Gerard Lyons, chief economist at Netwealth."

Our experience is that over longer term periods you tend to find that most active managers underperform the passive options once fees have been taken into account," said Iain Barnes, head of portfolio management at wealth manager Netwealth."

Financial Times, 13 March 2020
Active funds have the edge on passives in a week of turmoil
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Gerard Lyons, Netwealth’s chief economic strategist, writes "It is important that the fiscal numbers are credible and keep investors on-side… It was important therefore that the Budget stated that the ratio of debt to GDP trends down over time."

The Telegraph, 11 March 2020
Rishi Sunak’s first Budget will surely stand the test of time
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Charlotte Ransom, chief executive officer of London-based Netwealth Investments Ltd., sees a change in mood among clients sitting on cash. “They are starting to invest at a higher level over the last few trading days,…"

Charlotte Ransom, founder of Netwealth says “We do all our Isa investing once a year, but that’s at the start of the tax year… Too many people lose out on a full year of tax-free returns by leaving it until the last minute…"

Financial Times, 06 March 2020
You too could become an isa millionaire
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Economist Gerard Lyons spoke at the House of Commons: "In the current environment of low rates and yields, markets are not pricing properly for risk… Yet there is a growing acceptance of being able in the current macro context to live with larger government deficits."

…according to new research from Netwealth. Just under two-fifths of investors won’t change their investment provider because of high exit fees, while half don’t want the extra hassle or stress."

Chief economist at Netwealth Gerard Lyons says “The fiscal policy needs to be both radical and gradual: radical in terms of its vision and aims but of course, one needs to do it in a way in which is credible."

BBC Radio 4 (from 18 minutes), 14 February 2020
Afternoon news and current affairs programme

Charlotte Ransom, chief executive of Netwealth says “Investors need to know there will always be risks to investing… the problem there is a real cost to being too cautious and staying in cash too long."

More than half of investors surveyed by challenger wealth manager Netwealth said they had never considered switching from their current investment provider."

Financial Times, 14 February 2020
Investors reluctant to break up with their wealth manager
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Over-caution is perhaps the most costly behaviour we see among investors" said Charlotte Ransom, founder and chief executive of Netwealth."

Financial Times, 07 February 2020
Spooked UK and US investors retreat to cash
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A survey from Netwealth found that younger women are far less likely to have joint accounts or shared savings with their partners than older generations."

Iain Barnes, head of portfolio management for Netwealth, said: "…Investors should recognise that there will always be risks to investing. Ensuring you have a balanced and well-diversified portfolio will minimise exposure to individual events and enable you to benefit from the returns that long term investment can offer."

Gerard Lyons, chief economic strategist at Netwealth writes: "Let's level up the UK economy. That's the aim. Increased infrastructure spending. More housing. Better transport links… All combined with deregulation and a desire to cut taxes eventually."

Lyons, now chief economist at Netwealth, suggested immediate measures could include “reducing stamp duty” along with “easing prudential regulations hindering borrowers, and releasing more government-owned land for building"

Sunday Times, 12 January 2020
Builders look to budget for Boris bounce
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Charlotte Ransom, CEO of Netwealth writes: “…there is nothing to stop wealth managers from making it simpler for clients to understand the all-in costs that they are being charged…"

City A.M., 08 January 2020
Personal Finance: Call to Action

Charlotte Ransom, CEO Netwealth, has been named as one of PAM's 50 Most Influential 2020. The PAM 50 Most Influential is the definitive list of those at the forefront of shaping private client wealth management in the UK and Crown Dependencies."

Charlotte Ransom launched Netwealth in 2015…" The need for a business like ours is all the more pressing now than it might have been in the past."

Citywire Wealth Manager, 09 December 2019
How to launch a wealth firm: lessons from five entrepreneurs

Gerard Lyons, chief economic strategist at investment firm Netwealth, said that an end to the Westminster deadlock… would stimulate "a recovery of some of the previous investment that has been put on hold"

Dr Gerard Lyons, chief economic writes: "The UK's role in greening the financial sector is pivotal. One consequence will be that banks and insurance companies better manage their risks in… climate change."

Charlotte Ransom, chief executive from Netwealth "People are managing their money differently… joint accounts have not fallen completely out of fashion but more likely to be there in addition to separate accounts that couples hold."

Gerard Lyons, chief economic adviser at investment service Netwealth, says that although things are undoubtedly gloomy right now, the long-term picture for developed economies is much brighter."

Charlotte Ransom, CEO of Netwealth, says hiding the full state of a family's financial affairs puts women at risk. "We always encourage women to maintain financial engagement and awareness…"

Charlotte Ransom, CEO, Netwealth says "All too often, traditional wealth management services are off-putting for women. Firms need to design and deliver services that appeal equally to both women and men,…"

Oliver Wyman, 01 November 2019
Women in Financial Services Report 2020

Chief executive and founder of Netwealth, Charlotte Ransom, agreed, adding that what mattered most was ensuring funds were properly structured and regulated…"

A report released earlier this year by Netwealth, the wealth manager, found that one in five baby boomers are now millionaires, many having the huge house price growth over the last few decades to thank for their affluence."

The Telegraph, 28 October 2019
How I made &pound1m: 'These are our secrets to becoming a millionaire'
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Charlotte Ransom, founder and chief executive of Netwealth, the wealth manager, said trust among ordinary savers in the investment industry had sunk to an all-time low as a result of the demise of Mr Woodford's investment company."

Financial Times, 24 October 2019
Invesco UK suffers worst outflows since Woodford departure
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Dr Gerard Lyons is chief economic strategist at challenger wealth management firm Netwealth says “…Investing in fintech and preparing for continuous change is one important message, reflected in London’s ongoing success…"

(Charlotte) Ransom says there is a "cynical narrative" that women who come into extraordinary wealth spend extraordinary wealth. But this, she says, underestimates the potential of many divorced women."

Gerard Lyons, chief economic strategist, says: "Central banks have done a very good job over the past nine or ten years… but now we need to look at monetary policy and re-examine the remit."

Her new wealth manager, Netwealth, charges her 0.65pc a year including management fees, underlying fund charges and transaction costs."

The Telegraph, 29 September 2019
'Why I left St. James's Place: the obscure fees and boys' club culture'
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According to Iain Barnes, head of portfolio management at Netwealth…” Like in any industry, asset management will eventually evolve to what makes it most efficient, as technology nudges it in new directions."

Ultimately, openness and honesty is more important than anything else when it comes to managing your finances within a relationship," believes Charlotte Ransom, chief executive of investment company Netwealth."

New research by challenger wealth manager, Netwealth, shows that two in five divorced women regret not keeping their financial independence when they joined forces with their partners."

Netwealth uses active asset allocation but invests in passive investment products, combined with the fact the company doesn't employ a lot of sales people instead winning clients via referrals, means the firm has lower costs."

Netwealth’s ‘Me, my money and I’ report found 39 percent of divorced women regret not maintaining greater financial autonomy and greater financial engagement (37 percent) over the course of their relationship."

The Wealth Net, 20 September 2019
UK women financially vulnerable in the event of divorce, says Netwealth
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Might it then be better to give your money to managers who focus heavily on keeping this bit down… for the best cost profile of all, only exchange traded funds (ETFs)? Go, for example, to newish wealth management company Netwealth…"

Financial Times, 20 September 2019
Wealth management could soon cost less than you think
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Ms Ransom said: The latest investment, once again from such well respected and informed investors, is another positive endorsement of Netwealth’s vision… Our modern, client-centric and cost effective business provides clients with a genuine alternative to investing with the incumbents."

Michael Spencer, the City veteran and former Tory party treasurer, has put £5 million behind a disrupter wealth management business founded by Charlotte Ransom, a former Goldman Sachs banker."

Netwealth, founded four years ago, is challenging older wealth managers such as Rathbone… and Cazenove, set up in 1823, by providing an online asset management tool that it claims boosts transparency in investing."

Research by Netwealth, the challenger wealth manager, suggests that younger couples are shunning joint accounts and in fact are more likely to keep their money separate than previous generations."

Iain Barnes, head of portfolio management at Netwealth, discussed the firm’s model structure and how it is positioned for a sterling bounce… Our investment approach has been designed to offer the best chance of meeting client expectations through the investment cycle…"

Citywire Wealth Manager, 05 September 2019
MPS Investment Committee: Iain Barnes, Netwealth

Netwealth head of client advisory, Matt Conradi, claimed…"This new generation of women are set to demand a much improved level of transparency and openness when it comes to their wealth…"

Citywire Wealth Manager, 02 September 2019
Young women clients demand greater transparency from 'off-putting' wealth management
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How much do couples know about their partner's finances? It's a question I have been asking after reading Me, My Money and I, a study by challenger wealth manager Netwealth…"

Gerard Lyons, chief economic strategist, writes: "While there is considerable uncertainty, I believe that we need to be realistic about immediate challenges and positive about the future opportunities."

The Sunday Times, 18 August 2019
Come on, everybody accentuate the positive
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Gerard Lyons, chief economic strategist at Netwealth writes: "The world economy is slowing. Since the beginning of this year, expectations for global growth and trade have eased."

The Telegraph, 10 August 2019
Emerging economise led by China will prevent a global recession
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Charlotte Ransom, the chief executive of Netwealth, said: "Women's relationship with their wealth is being rapidly redefined, as societal and economic forces add further complexity to the way in which they accumulate, manage and grow their assets."

Sunday Times, 04 August 2019
Share or splitter – what sort of money couple are you?
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Gerard Lyons, chief economic strategist, writes "We should be positive about Britain's longer-term outlook, despite present uncertainty."

The Telegraph, 03 August 2019
For Brexit to be a success, Britain must become more global, not less
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This was abject failure on the part of those claiming to help consumers," says Charlotte Ransom, the chief executive of Netwealth, an investment manager.

The Times, 03 August 2019
Investors pay the price for banking on Neil Woodford
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Charlotte Ransom, CEO of Netwealth tells Refinery29 that "we are seeing this shift when it comes to financial behaviours among younger women, who are less likely to take a 'what’s mine is yours' approach to finance."

Produced by Netwealth's chief economic strategist Gerard Lyons, "It is without doubt that the UK remains a pre-eminent global financial centre…"

Investment Week, 25 July 2019
UK remains 'global financial powerhouse' despite Brexit fears
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Sophie Austen, head of intermediary business development at Netwealth said the advice gap due to MiFID II is an 'unintended, but nonetheless apparent consequence' and more needs to be done across the industry to alleviate the issue."

Charlotte Ransom, CEO , says: "…Given that we are a firm that believes in advice, we wanted to make sure we had an offering that would be simple for IFAs to work with."

Research from Netwealth found female autonomy is on the rise, with 29% saying they prefer to manage their wealth independently."

Good Housekeeping, 24 July 2019
3 ways to talk to your partner about money

Gerard Lyons, Netwealth's Chief Economic Strategist, writes: We identified a dozen factors that matter most for investors. One was the economic landscape, which is vital for returns…"

According to the study by Netwealth, an investment service, nearly half of women (45 per cent) keeping their wealth separate cite a desire to maintain financial independence,…"

Netwealth CEO Charlotte Ransom said: "The traditional approach to managing finances jointly is being overturned by a new generation of financially more autonomous females."

Sophie Austen, intermediary business development manager at Netwealth says: "…To remain relevant to the wider retail market and attract new advisers to the profession, the wealth management industry needs to be accessible and inclusive."

Iain Barnes, head of portfolio management at Netwealth, says: "…we invest in our preferred market exposures as efficiently as possible, predominately using passive funds."

Iain Barnes of Netwealth, a wealth manager, said low yields had caused people to "act more as investors than savers"

A host of inspirational women in finance were recognised for their outstanding achievements in the sector… Charlotte Ransom, (CEO) Netwealth, won Wealth Manager of the Year 2019."

Iain Barnes, head of portfolio management at Netwealth, debates the future of ETFs "The starting point will always be the core building blocks and investing as efficiently as possible."

Netwealth, which claims to sit in the middle between traditional wealth manager, was launched in 2015 with the specific aim of harnessing technology to improve its proposition."

Gerard Lyons, Netwealth's chief economic strategist, writes "…Likewise, we must recognise the new economy under way globally and be at the forefront of the investment, infrastructure and innovation needed."

Iain Barnes, head of portfolio management at Netwealth Investments, a wealth adviser, …adds that investors' best chance of growing long-term returns after fees are taken into account is to build a diverse portfolio of passive funds.”

Iain Barnes, head of portfolio management for online adviser Netwealth, says: '…If they are happy to provide that level of transparency to some clients, they should do it for everyone.”

Iain Barnes, the head of portfolio management at Netwealth, a wealth manager, says: "Evidence shows how hard it is to pick a manager…"

The Times, 08 June 2019
What you should do with other Woodford investments
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Iain Barnes, the head of portfolio management at Netwealth, a wealth manager, says: "The paradox of skill boils down to how difficult it is to stand out in a given field…"

The Times, 08 June 2019
It’s time to stop being starry-eyed over star managers
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Iain Barnes, head of portfolio management at Netwealth, offers three lessons to learn from trading suspension of Neil Woodford's Equity Income Fund.”

Charlotte Ransom set-up Netwealth as a challenge to the generic UK wealth management model she found unfit for purpose, not least in its outmoded approach to technology.”

Portfolio Adviser, 01 June 2019
Stand and deliver

Matt Conradi of wealth manager Netwealth said: "…According to our projections, starting with a portfolio of £10,700 in a stocks and shares Isa…might generate a pot of around £285,000 based on historical average returns…”

Gerard Lyons, chief economic strategist, writes “…the UK is still a huge recipient of inward investment and intangible investment may not be reflected fully in the data.”

…There are funds that can do that for you, at modest cost, good examples being iShares, Fidelity Funds and Netwealth and if you don't want to do the work of selecting individual shares yourself, I would go that route.”

Iain Barnes, head of portfolio management, writes "DIY investing may well be the cheapest – but it’s not always the most cost-effective."

Matt Conradi, head of client advisory, writes "In any financial plan cash plays an important role…and because it doesn't fluctuate in value like other investments, it can provide certainty…"

…how effectively you preserve capital has a direct result on how long you can generate a sustainable income, explains Charlotte Ransom, CEO of Netwealth."

Women are more likely to have savings in such accounts because they fall into the trap of 'reckless caution', says Netwealth chief executive Charlotte Ransom."

FT Adviser, 01 May 2019
Isa gender gap widens

At Netwealth, our female clients are embracing the combination of modern technology with a client-facing service, and find investing to be empowering…"

…your child could have an £150,000 nest egg by age 18, assuming moderate investment growth, according to estimates by wealth manager Netwealth."

We are building something designed to compete with the biggest wealth manager in the U.K.," Ransom says, "and since that is where most of our clients are coming to us from, we are on the right track."

Charlotte Ransom, chief executive of Netwealth, added: "We have long fought to raise awareness of the destructive impact high fees can have on client returns, and are delighted to bring our sophisticated, cost-effective service to the intermediary market."

Charlotte Ransom, CEO of Netwealth, has been named as one of the UK's most successful founders and entrepreneurs of 2019."

The Telegraph Technology Intelligence, 05 April 2019
Telegraph Tech Hot 100

Simon McConnell, Netwealth's Portfolio Manager, has been recognised as the top emerging talent in wealth management for 2019.”

Mr Conradi recommended you should think about what role the £160k has in your pot. While nobody likes to lose money, with inflation currently above the very low interest rates available, this money is being eroded each year in real terms."

The Telegraph Money, 01 April 2019
How much of my £250k retirement pot should I have in cash, bonds and stocks?
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Men held £25,459 in the tax-free wrappers in the year to April 2016, compared to £22,680 for women, according to an analysis of HM Revenue & Customs figures by Netwealth, an online wealth manager."

The Times, 17 March 2019
Women aren’t equal for investing?

The finding comes from wealth managers Netwealth, who analysed data from the Office for National Statistics' Wealth and Assets Survey, 2006‑2016."

Gerard Lyons, economist at the challenger wealth manager Netwealth, said the City's position was not under threat."

If figures were sufficient to start a revolution, these findings from Netwealth, the online adviser, should provoke an immediate shift in mindset."

The Times, 09 March 2019
Jargon is not a feminist issue — but we really do hate it
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Charlotte Ransom, CEO of Netwealth: "As the CEO of a wealth management company, I see the startlingly impressive characteristics female investors often share, and am excited to watch as we begging breaking down the barriers within finance."

…according to Netwealth, an investment service, men have saved on average 12 per cent more. Perhaps because men tend to earn more than women the average value of all their Isas in 2015-16 was £25,459, compared with £22,680 for female savers."

Gerard Lyons writes "Britain's planned departure from the EU exposes many issues. A key one is the economic path the UK will choose. Less commonly asked is what will the rest of the EU do. Perhaps this should figure more in the debate…"

City AM, 21 February 2019
How will the EU act after Brexit?

Charlotte Ransom, the chief executive of Netwealth, a financial planner, says: "This is something I believe to be of the utmost importance for all women, regardless of their relationship status. Too often I hear women say that finance 'isn't for them'."

Iain Barnes, head of portfolio management at Netwealth, explains how to allocate and invest long term portfolios such as a pension."

Netwealth economist Gerard Lyons said the figures exposed… "how sensitive markets and economies have been to monetary easing and subsequent monetary tightening."

City AM, 01 February 2019
Recession hits Italy

Iain Barnes, Head of Portfolio Management, Netwealth: "A key aim of wealth management is to help clients achieve a real return on their savings, enabling them to meet their financial goals."

It is also possible, according to the WTO, says Netwealth's Gerard Lyons, that "we could leave with a 'no deal' and still maintain existing tariff arrangements with the EU for a long time…"

Charlotte Ransom, chief executive of Netwealth, said: As the nation's wealthiest generation by some margin, they nevertheless face complex financial pressures. The need to fund record long retirements… means baby boomers can't be complacent when it comes to their wealth."

Charlotte Ransom said: Netwealth analysis shows that this has become a reality for a fifth of all over-65s as they’ve benefited from several decades of economic boom, soaring property prices and final salary pensions."

Often known as the wealthiest generation, baby boomers have consolidated their position through "soaring property prices, inheritance and the prevalence of final salary pension schemes", says Charlotte Ransom, chief executive and founder of Netwealth."

Netwealth, a wealth manager, analysed the Office for National Statistics' Wealth and Assets surveys between 2006 and 2016 (the most recent data available). In 2006, those aged over 65 owned 28 per cent of the UK's household wealth, a figure which had increased to 36 per cent 10 years later."

Business Telegraph, 09 January 2019
One in five UK baby boomers are millionaires

What's at the top of your financial to-do list for 2019? Charlotte Ransom says "To ensure mine and my family’s Isa contributions are automatically invested on the first day of the tax year — without having to lift a finger."

Charlotte Ransom, CEO and founder, Netwealth "With the help of Mifid II, 2019 will be the year where clients will know what they are being charged and can act accordingly."

Gerard Lyons, chief economic strategist at Netwealth, the wealth manager,...said the economy "could easily come to a standstill in the early months"

Financial Times, 01 January 2019
Brexit 'bad or awful' for UK prospects in 2019, say economists
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Iain Barnes, head of portfolio management at wealth management firm Netwealth said time in the market is better than timing in the market. 'Mistiming a decision to buy or sell could be incredibly costly for investors..."

The Daily Telegraph, 21 December 2018
Four investment traps to avoid to boost your returns in 2019
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Potential changes to inheritance tax (IHT) and capital gains tax (CGT) are top of the worry list for many, says Matt Conradi, head of client advisory at Netwealth."

Financial Times, 07 December 2018
Beyond Brexit: more uncertainty for investors
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Iain Barnes, head of portfolio management at Netwealth, says: Your total portfolio is certainly not high risk, given that around 46 percent is invested in cash or cash equivalents."

Investors Chronicle, 06 December 2018
Move cash into bonds and equities to get 5%
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For a small fee, not too dissimilar to what a DIY investor would expect to pay each year, you can have your portfolio managed by an experienced, dedicated and cost-conscious team, who are watching the screens so you don’t have to."

City A.M., 06 December 2018
Is DIY investing a cheap trick?

Netwealth — a platform aimed at much wealthier investors — has been successfully doing this for years, offering financial planning and advice to clients for an hourly fee"

Financial Times, 30 November 2018
Here’s some free financial advice: beware of fees
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Ransom has found that although there is still a sentiment among women that money is not ‘their thing’, the goal-based investing the firm provides has appealed to them."

Citywire, 28 November 2018
Netwealth CEO: stop patronising women

All too complicated? Then maybe you should use a website such as […] Netwealth that will construct a portfolio specifically to dovetail with your attitude to risk and investment time horizon."

Iain Barnes of Netwealth, a wealth manager, says that, for cautious investors, inflation-linked government bonds could offer some protection in the event of a bad Brexit deal."

The Sunday Times, 27 October 2018
How to cope with the stock market fear factor this Halloween
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Gerard Lyons, chief economic strategist at Netwealth, has called for FTSE Russell to show some flexibility and allow Unilever to remain in the FTSE 100."

The Sunday Times, 23 September 2018
HQ battle likely to be last act for Unilever boss Paul Polman
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Charlotte Ransom the chief executive of Netwealth, an investment service, says: “This is further evidence that, across many financial services, consumers are failing to get a fair deal."

The Sunday Times, 02 September 2018
The £900-a-year cost of being too loyal
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Ransom’s aim is to make investing as painless and transparent as possible."

Charlotte Ransom, chief executive of Netwealth, said given advances in technology, there is no reason why investors should not be able to access their portfolios in order to see how much they are paying for wealth management services."

Financial Times Adviser, 27 June 2018
Half of investors ignorant of fees, research finds

Online wealth manager Netwealth offers a "hybrid" service, which allows customers to choose between going it alone or getting advice on a one-off or ongoing basis"

Bonham Carter will sit on the board alongside MoneyWeek editor-in-chief Merryn Somerset Webb, who has also recently been appointed…"

One firm, Netwealth, goes a step further by allowing friends and families to club together to cut fees."

The Telegraph, 24 April 2018
How you can cash in by clubbing together

Netwealth’s Charlotte Ransom said investors should use the rules as an opportunity to push their managers on fees."

Netwealth, an online wealth manager, told Money 65% of its clients were men. The ratio is "slowly improving", said Charlotte Ransom, chief executive."

Sunday Times, 04 February 2018
The female investor is more savvy than the male
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Be positive. The City will get a boost from LSD this year."

Use an online investment service like Nutmeg or Netwealth. Be aware of fees. If you're paying more than 1%, move your money."

Red Magazine, 01 January 2018
How to be richer in 2018

Gerard Lyons, chief economic strategist at Netwealth, predicts that the U.K. will concede to most of the EU's demands in order to reach a deal."

CNBC, 04 December 2017
Will there be a Brexit deal?

Charlotte Ransom, Founder and CEO, Netwealth, "We're about controlling the controllables. A bunch of things are out of our control in economy, etc. But we can control diversification, tax wrappers, and price points. The fact we can so dramatically change the outcome of savings (stretching savings out with new freedoms) is what is so exciting."

Netwealth has launched an online tool aimed at making investors aware of how much their wealth manager is really charging."

Thirteen new investors joined the 28 angels who provided the company its initial capital of £6.57m before the firm launched in May 2016, making total funds raised to date £16.6m."

Netwealth, the online investment manager backed by a number of City titans, has raised £10.02 million in its second round of funding and brought on board several new high profile shareholders"

I have a certain amount of exposure to the US via my Sipp at Netwealth (it is passively run)"

Financial Times, 09 September 2017
Investors need some international diversification (Merryn Somerset Webb)
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Netwealth delivered growth that was noticeably higher than the benchmarks across all four risk profiles, from cautious (40% equities) to high risk (80% equities)"

Sunday Times, 02 July 2017
March of the robo-advisers
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Discretionary management firm Netwealth, which launched a year ago, has seen returns across its portfolio range beat the average performance of its peers."

Financial Times Adviser, 06 June 2017
Netwealth Portfolio Performance

Netwealth, the wealth manager led by Charlotte Ransom, a former Goldman Sachs partner, reported returns ranging from 2.9 per cent to 25.6 per cent across its seven portfolios in the year to the end of May, with the best gains generated from investments in UK and international equities."

Financial Times, 05 June 2017
Netwealth benefits from rise in UK and international equities
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One particular feature of Netwealth's service is the ability for groups of people - typically family but sometimes friends - to form a 'network'. This means the percentage they each pay is based on the combined value of their assets, not their individual pot."

Gerard Lyons, chief economic adviser to Netwealth Investments, said: 'It is very difficult to replicate the skills, knowledge, experience and infrastructure we have here in London … It will continue to be the dominant financial centre of Europe and one of the two major financial centres of the globe.'"

Alternatively, there are the “do it for you” providers who make the investment choices for you. Many are new digital offerings, which manage a range of funds tailored to your risk level, at a relatively low cost. Names here include Nutmeg, MoneyFarm and Netwealth"

Slashing a single percentage point from annual fees could bring a 35-year-old investor nearly two extra decades of retirement income, according to investment manager Netwealth. Netwealth took the example of a 35-year-old who has built up a pension pot of £12,000, and then continues to invest £250 a month until the age of 65. With returns of 3.5% a year after charges, it could then generate an income of £9,000 a year for 24 years. However, cut charges by a percentage point, so the returns bump up to 4.5% a year, and the income could continue for 43 years."

Sunday Times, 19 March 2017
Active or passive — both approaches have their benefits
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Online investment management firm Netwealth says its average client size is more than £200,000, proving there is appetite among high-end investors for a digital service."

Wealth Manager Magazine, 01 March 2017
Netwealth proving HNWs hungry for digital

The BoE has consistently got its forecasts wrong," said Gerard Lyons of Netwealth Investments, a former adviser to Boris Johnson [...] "People are allowed to get their forecasts wrong but … when there's a consistent bias, that's when you have to reassess."

Financial Times, 02 February 2017
Bank of England upgrades UK growth forecasts again
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A new wealth manager, Netwealth, has spotted the potential of "multi-generational" investing […] It calculates fees on the basis of the total assets held in up to eight linked accounts."

Sunday Telegraph (Money), 08 January 2017
Could you be the 'fund manager next door'?

Numbers crunched for Money by the investment manager Netwealth show that reducing annual charges by one percentage point could net you an extra two decades of comfortable retirement."

Sunday Times, 01 January 2017
Here's what passes for 'value for money' in the pensions game
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The research was produced by Netwealth Investments, one of a number of new services undercutting existing wealth managers and squarely aimed at well-off investors who want value for their money."

Sunday Telegraph (Money), 20 November 2016
Investment fees that cost you 16 years' income

Here's what I am planning to do with my own pension: keep saving into my Sipp (now split between various investment trusts held with Hargreaves Lansdown and passive investments with Netwealth) until there is enough there to provide a base income in retirement."

Financial Times, 28 October 2016
Simplicity and low costs – that's real pension freedom
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He's justified to stay," said Gerard Lyons, a strategist at Netwealth Investments "He's done a good job and some of the criticisms of the bank are overdone. The policy project still needs to be fully worked through after the referendum."

The founders think there are problems with transparency, high costs and poor performance in the [wealth management] industry and that Netwealth can offer something new."

Netwealth aims to make investments a family affair by allowing investors to invite their spouse, children, siblings and friends to their network – with each individual retaining their own portfolio. Under the service, called Netwealth Network, fees are calculated on the homogenised investment amount in the network."

FT Adviser, 22 June 2016
Firing Line: Thomas Salter

[The] founders developed the product after finding that "a core financial consumer base was either underinvested or unhappily invested due to concerns over cost, transparency, performance and quality within discretionary wealth management."

Money Week, 06 June 2016
The rich return to robo-advisers

If you are time poor, cash rich and looking for somewhere to invest, who are you going to call? Up to now the answer has been a wealth manager... However, a new online wealth manager is offering a similar service for half the cost, at the click of a button."

The Times, 28 May 2016
The rich and march of the robots
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Rather than targeting the mass market, the company aims to tap into the wealth management client base, such as those customers serviced by Rathbones, St James's Place and Brewin Dolphin. Speaking to FTAdviser, chief operating officer Mr Salter, who was previously a managing director at JP Morgan, suggested many of the current DFM players in the market create an "illusion of bespoke" by tinkering with ready-packaged portfolios."

One of the most promising challenger firms aiming to take on the established wealth management and private client investment business."

Humans are fundamentally badly designed for managing money ... Hence the launch of a new fund management group this week called Netwealth [...] once aboard, clients are promised first-class asset allocation, together with the performance measurement, customisation and transparency which modern technology makes possible."

Evening Standard, 24 May 2016
When investing, beware of our bad habits

According to Netwealth co-founder and CEO, Ransom, Netwealth was designed to assist British professionals who are "underinvested or unhappily invested" make the most of modern technology. "While critical aspects such as a highly qualified team, investment rigour and security of their assets are all vital, they also want to benefit from all that technology can bring, including performance analytics, customisation of their individual investment goals, and transparency when it comes to the true costs of the service."

The company has raised just over £6.5m of investment, understood to be one of the largest angel rounds in the UK in the last five years. It has attracted an investor line-up including Bonham Carter, Michael Hartweg (co-founder, Leonteq), Harvey McGrath (former chairman of Man Group and Prudential), Merryn Somerset Webb (editor-in-chief, MoneyWeek) and Edward Wray (co-founder, Betfair)."

[Netwealth] have attracted a big-hitting team. The pair earlier this month signed up Gerard Lyons (pictured), who was previously the chief economic adviser to London mayor Boris Johnson, as chief economic strategist. Former UBS Asset Management executive director Iain Barnes has joined as head of portfolio management with Rachel Willox, latterly an executive director at JPMorgan, recruited as head of operations."

Netwealth's charges are way below total costs of 2%, or more, levied by traditional advisers."

Financial News, 23 May 2016
Ex-Goldman bankers back City's newest robo-adviser
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Founded by Charlotte Ransom, a former Goldman Sachs banker, the start-up hopes to challenge traditional wealth managers and private bankers with a low-cost, automated investment service. With a minimum investment of £50,000, it charges a tiered 0.65% management fee, dropping to 0.35% for those who put in more than £500,000, around a third of the cost of actively managed portfolios."