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It is perfectly acceptable to negotiate on fees, and also only pay for the service you are getting...Companies such as Netwealth suggest that this may be once every ten years or so, or when an important life event occurs.

The Times, 01 August 2021

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The Times (2)
Wealth manager Netwealth will consider potential suitable independent financial advice firms to purchase as part of its long-term growth strategy...and broaden its existing suite of wealth planning tools.
"The all-in fees for Netwealth clients, including direct and indirect charges, are less than 1 per cent, depending on the size of the pot managed.., the human element is still seen as crucial to Netwealth’s customers."
"Gerard Lyons, chief economic strategist at Netwealth, is concerned that central banks may be overly relaxed about inflation. He says: “The current inflation could be persistent, could be permanent or it could be passing through - the three 'Ps'."
Dr Gerard Lyons is chief economic strategist at Netwealth [writes] "Delivering upon a clear strategy for the City should ensure success, both in strengthening London’s global competitiveness and in helping to finance domestic growth."
"...Charlotte Ransom, chief executive and founder of Netwealth, a tech-based wealth manager...says clients are “growing less and less tolerant of expensive, out-of-date services”. Her company charges an all-in fee of 0.65 per cent a year of AUM, compared to what she says is a typical industry levy of 1.6 per cent."

FT, 25 June 2021

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FT (1)
"Charlotte Ransom, the CEO of wealth manager Netwealth writes...Financial empowerment often comes from better understanding and education. But not enough of us seek help in financial planning, despite the advantages it can give."
"Despite the challenging environment, Netwealth went from strength to strength in 2020...The business had high client retention rates and year-on-year growth of 35 percent, as well as launching a new client app."

thewealthnet, 25 May 2021

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The Wealth Net (1)
"Iain Barnes says at the moment, Netwealth portfolios are exposed to the small and medium-sized companies in the FTSE 250 index...'these companies which are more geared to the domestic outlook that we think is now improving.'"
"Simon McConnell, portfolio manager at Netwealth, said a holistic view of costs is required, whereby investors need to look beyond annual fees...and also consider the impact of bid-offer spreads and charges associated."