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Gerard Lyons, our chief economic strategist, says, "I think the risks are not to higher inflation, the risks are to growth..."
Charlotte Ransom says, "Advice tailored to your situation can provide valuable reassurance that you are making the right decisions."
Simon McConnell, head of portfolio construction at Netwealth, says clients “do not fully understand” the virtues of synthetic ETFs despite new opportunities in the market.
Gerard Lyons says, "Even though prospects for next year might be better, the reality is a over the next few years, the UK faces a backdrop of relatively weak growth" on Bloomberg UK Politics.
Gerard Lyons says, "Monetary easing should be the main story of 2024, reflecting the disinflationary global environment," in The Times' survey of economists.

The Times, 02 January 2024

Here come the rate cuts, but economic growth may have to wait Article behind paywall
The Times (2)
Netwealth's chief economic strategist, Gerard Lyons, says that " 2024, wage growth should exceed inflation and allow living standards to improve."
Gerard Lyons says that policymakers stuck with this 'bad' tranche of QE, "even though it was quite clear that it was not only not working but exacerbating the situation".

Investors' Chronicle, 29 December 2023

Why quantitative easing could make a comeback Article behind paywall
Investor Chronicle
Charlotte Ransom answers the question: "I worry about covering my mum’s care costs – how can I manage my money to help?"
“A perennial problem for the economy has been low investment,” Gerard Lyons, chief economic strategist at Netwealth commented.
"The economy is in a fragile situation and thus the Statement provided a welcome fiscal boost to the economy focused on demand and investment," says Gerard Lyons.