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The latest jobs at our London based wealth management firm

The company

Netwealth is a pioneering wealth manager with a hybrid model that blends deep human expertise with the power of modern technology. Founded in early 2016 by Charlotte Ransom and Thomas Salter – former Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan executives – we combine a highly experienced investment team with powerful technology and financial tools.  
We have raised £45M from high profile City executives and entrepreneurs. These include Betfair co-founder Ed Wray, NEX group founder Michael Spencer, Ocado’s former chairman Stuart Rose and former Jupiter vice-chairman Edward Bonham Carter.  
Our wealth management service targets a high net worth and mass-affluent audience (with investments from £50k to multiple £ millions), where clients choose their portfolios online based on their financial goals, supported by a set of intuitive financial tools. The portfolios are then managed by a highly seasoned investment team and clients can access qualified financial advisers to get help with their financial affairs at any time. 

Open Positions

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