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The company

Netwealth is a London based wealth management company that provides a tailored and cost-effective wealth management service using the latest technology based on the latest cloud architecture from Microsoft's Azure platform. Founded in early 2016 by Charlotte Ransom and Thomas Salter, former Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan executives, Netwealth combines a highly experienced investment team with powerful financial technology and has raised a record £16.5M via two angel rounds from high profile City executives and entrepreneurs. These include Betfair co-founder Ed Wray, the Lloyds of London chairman Bruce Carnegie-Brown and Jupiter’s vice-chairman Edward Bonham Carter.

Netwealth provides a discretionary wealth management service targeting a mass-affluent audience (with a minimum of £50k to invest), where clients choose their portfolios online based on their financial goals, supported by a set of powerful financial tools. The portfolios are then managed by a highly seasoned investment team and clients can at any time access qualified financial advisers to get help with their financial affairs.

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Engineering / Product

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