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Financial Planning 'MOT'

Make your financial plans more effective and plan for a better outcome – through personalised projections and guidance from an expert adviser

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Greater clarity for more confidence - and more control over your future

Financial planning can be daunting. Whether you haven’t started to think about it or you have a plan already, our Financial Planning ‘MOT’ helps you stay on track. Get the personal guidance you need to build, improve and sense-check your plans for the future.

Key values and benefits for PIC employees

  • Individual insights across all your accounts. You can add in pensions you may have from previous employers, your current PIC employer pension and contributions, and any other assets you may have
  • Powerful tools help you build a plan and visualise how your wealth could grow
  • Sense check your overall asset allocation, tax efficiency, level of savings and financial goals
  • Personalised guidance to better understand how your choices could impact your financial outcomes
  • Discuss options to maximise your financial plan in a 30 minute personalised guidance call with an expert adviser

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Hassle-free: how your Financial Planning 'MOT' works

  • Set up your My Netwealth profile and enter any information on your investments, such as your PIC pension, and any other assets you may own into the Wealth Tracker
  • Include your current contributions and your financial planning goals in the Wealth Planner
  • We will bring this together to help you get the clarity you need and help you make the right decisions for your future
  • If you need more help, you can watch this video which demonstrates how this works

What comes with your Financial Planning 'MOT'


Map out your finances: Consolidate and summarise your financial goals, current wealth and investments

Target your goals: Guidance on the likelihood of achieving your goals with your current plan

One-to-one session: 30-minute personalised guidance call with an expert adviser to discuss your plans

Financial 'MOT' report: Detailed report of key takeaways as a reference point for planning, decision making, and revisiting if circumstances change

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NOT included

Specific recommendation: Instead, we will focus on your current allocation and level of risk, and how these compare to your plan

Personalised tax advice: Instead, we offer guidance on how to be tax efficient and make the most of the relevant tax allowances and wrappers

Implementation of your plan: Instead, we will give you clear next steps which you can apply, or you can work with our wider team to see how Netwealth could help you

If you would like a personal recommendation, and/or for Netwealth to implement your plan, our award-winning advice and investment management service can help you with all your financial planning and investment needs – for an all-in low cost.

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