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Financial Planning 'MOT'

Make your financial plans more effective and plan for a better outcome – through personalised projections and guidance from an expert adviser.

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Greater clarity for more confidence - and more control over your future

Financial planning can be daunting. Whether you haven’t started to think about it or you have a plan already, our Financial Planning ‘MOT’ helps you stay on track. Get the personal guidance you need to build, improve and sense-check your plans for the future.

Key values and benefits

  • Individual or joint insights (for couples) across all of your accounts now
  • Powerful tools help you build a plan and visualise how your wealth could grow
  • Personalised information and guidance to better understand how your choices could impact your financial outcome
  • More certainty to take effective steps towards achieving your goals
  • Advice if you need it to enhance your financial plan and maximise your potential for success

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Hassle-free: how your Financial Planning 'MOT' works

  • Enter information on any investments you hold (we’ll gather Netwealth account details if applicable)
  • Include your current savings, investments, and goals in the online wealth planner
  • We’ll bring this all together to help you get the clarity you need – and help you make the right decisions for your future

A Financial Planning 'MOT' costs £400 for an individual or £600 for a joint plan.

The power of joint financial planning

Understanding how your finances may look as a couple is not always straightforward or easy. A shared financial plan can be essential to align your goals, manage resources and to efficiently plan together. Our tools and technology – along with your guidance session with your adviser – will allow you to visualise what this might look like for you.

  • Set common financial goals and have the confidence to achieve them
  • Make the most of tax allowances and wrappers for a couple
  • View a joint projection of your future savings and any planned withdrawals – and assess how likely you’ll achieve your joint objectives
  • See how different variables, such as your combined risk level, may impact your financial future
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What comes with your Financial Planning 'MOT'


Map out your finances: Consolidate and summarise your financial goals, current wealth and investments

Target your goals: Guidance on the likelihood of achieving your goals with your current plan

One-to-one session: 30-minute video call with an expert adviser to discuss your plans

Financial 'MOT' report: Detailed report of key takeaways service as a reliable reference point for planning, decision making, and revisiting if circumstances change

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NOT included

Specific recommendation on what to invest in or sell: Instead, we'll focus on where your current allocation and level of risk, and assess how these compare to your plan.

Personalised tax advice: Instead, we offer guidance on how to be tax efficient and make the most of the relevant tax allowances and wrappers.

Implementation of your plan: Instead, we will give you clear next steps which you can apply, or you can work with our wider team to see how Netwealth could help you

If you would like a personal recommendation, and for us to implement your plan, our award-winning advice and investment management service can help you with all your financial planning and investment needs – for an all-in low cost.

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