Other Fees

What do you charge for using a Netwealth adviser?

The table below lays out the fees payable if you elect to receive advice relating to your investments from a qualified Netwealth adviser. Fees quoted are already inclusive of any applicable VAT.

Description Fee
One-off Advice £200 per hour
Ongoing Advice 0.2% per annum on the value of your Account

Is there a charge when I change the risk level of my investments?

We think that investment objectives are best achieved through maintaining a long-term strategic asset allocation. If your objectives or preferences change you are able to change the risk level on your portfolio a maximum of two times per year. Any changes subsequent to that will be chargeable at 0.12% of the value of the investments to cover our additional trading costs.

Is there a charge to transfer in?

We will not charge you to transfer cash into your Netwealth account. However, your current provider may levy a fee to transfer out and you should check this with them.
Find out more about: transferring in ISAstransferring in JISAs and transferring in Pensions

Is there a charge to receive a statement?

No. We will provide statements online via our website. If you require a paper statement you can request this by contacting us. We will not charge for this.

Are there any other charges that I need to be aware of?

There are other charges that may be applicable, depending on the services provided. Fees are inclusive of any applicable VAT.

Description Charge
Cash Withdrawal via CHAPS £25
Cash Withdrawal via BACS £0
Cash Transfer Charge (GIA, ISA, JISA) £0
In Specie Transfer Charge (GIA, ISA, JISA) £20 per line of stock
Account Closure £0
Change of Portfolio Risk Level*
* For changes that exceed two times per year
0.12% of Portfolio market value
Netwealth Personal Pension Charges
Annual Charge £150
Income Drawdown Set-up Charge £75
Income Drawdown Annual Charge £90
Calculation of Pension Commencement Lump Sum (Tax Free Cash) £150
Calculation of Partial Uncrystallised Fund Pension Lump Sum £225
Capped Income Drawdown Annual Review £75
Annuity Purchase Charge £150
Single and Regular Contributions £0
Cash Transfers In £0
Cash Transfers Out £150
In-Specie Transfers In £225
In-Specie Transfers Out £150 per hour