General Fees

What are the annual fees that Netwealth charges?

We charge a comprehensive annual fee rate that includes our discretionary management services, custody and administration of your assets, trading fees and commissions, reporting and any applicable VAT.
Your fee band is based on the contributions that you have made across all your accounts and portfolios.

Total Amount Contributed Annual Fee Rate
£50,000 0.70%
£250,000 0.55%
£1,000,000 + 0.40%

These fees are paid on a monthly basis and are calculated at close of market on the last working day of the month, based on the average daily weighted market value of your portfolio. They are then debited on the 18th of the month.
For a Netwealth Personal Pension there is an additional charge of £150 per annum payable to Intelligent Money, the operator of the Netwealth Personal Pension scheme.