Managing your Account

What accounts can I open?

Netwealth offers all of the following account wrappers: ISA, pension, JISA, and a general investment account (for investments made outside of a tax wrapper) including Junior GIA (bare trust), company and trust accounts.
You are able to open any of these accounts when you first sign up as a client, or by navigating to the ‘Add Investment’ section of the website if you are an existing client. For each new account, or for a new portfolio within an existing account, you will be taken through the steps to design your investment in line with your preferences.

Design an Investment

How many portfolios am I allowed?

On the Netwealth platform you are able to hold a Stocks & Shares ISA, Pension and General Investment Account. Within each of these accounts you are able to create as many separate portfolios as you wish, in order to invest for different investment goals with different preferences. You need to invest at least £5,000 in each portfolio. You can only create one portfolio for each JISA and you need to contribute a minimum of £1,000.

How can I pay money into my account?

You are able to make payments into your account using one of three methods: bank payment (Faster, BACS or CHAPS), Debit card or Direct Debit for regular contributions.
We will allocate the money to your account immediately upon receipt, although the time it takes to arrive with us depends on the nature of the payment.

Adding / withdrawing money

To add money to an account which has been opened you need to navigate to the “My Accounts” overview. Once there you will find a list of the portfolios you have with Netwealth and which account type each one is in. When we have completed the necessary checks and the ‘Identity checks’ and ‘Account Set-up’ are showing as ‘Complete’ you are able to select the ‘Add Money’ button and start funding your account. Alternatively, you are able to add money by directly going to the ‘Payments’ page and following the prompts.
To withdraw money, go to the ‘Payments’ page and select ‘Withdraw Money’. You are then able to specify the amount you would like to withdraw and it will be sent to the bank account that you specified when you set up your Netwealth account. Please allow up to 10 days for the money to arrive in your bank account, as in some cases we will have to sell some of the investments in your account to raise the amount you have requested. You can set up regular withdrawals from your accounts, by associating a portfolio with a Regular Withdrawals or a Retirement (income drawdown) goal.

Do I earn interest on any cash in my account?

You will earn 0.4% below the Bank of England’s Base Rate, subject to a minimum of 0.0%.

How do I switch money between portfolios?

To move money between your portfolios, go to the ‘Payments’ page and select ‘Internal Transfer’. You are then able to move money between existing portfolios that you have opened via the ‘Add Investment’ page. There is not a charge for this service.
It is not possible to move money from a portfolio in your Personal Pension or in a JISA to another account type. You can move money from a portfolio in your general investment account into your ISA, your Personal Pension or a JISA, subject to the contribution limits for each account type.

Changing personal details

You are able to change your account details via the ‘Information and Settings’ section of your website. You will find this next to the ‘Log off’ button at the top of the page. Please note that in the interests of security we may request further information from you prior to these changes taking effect.

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