Transferring Your ISA

How do I transfer existing ISAs to Netwealth?

Once you have opened your Netwealth Stocks and Shares ISA, you can easily transfer one or more existing ISAs to us. Our client service team will send you a pre-filled form to complete and once received will take care of contacting your current providers.
You can also download, print and fill out our Stocks & Shares ISA transfer form. Once you have filled out and signed the form, it needs to be sent in the post to Netwealth Investments Limited, Two Fitzroy Place, 8 Mortimer Street, London, W1T 3JJ.

How long does it take?

ISA transfers vary depending on the provider and the type of ISA you are transferring. You should allow up to 15 business days for a cash ISA and up to 30 days for a stocks and shares ISA.

Can I transfer a part of my existing ISA?

This will depend on your existing ISA provider but for prior tax year ISAs you can often make a partial ISA transfer. Current tax year contributions must be transferred in full.

How much does it cost to transfer my ISA to Netwealth?

There are no charges by Netwealth for transferring in an ISA. However, you should check with your existing provider as some providers do levy exit charges. Please contact if you would like us to look into exit charges applied by your existing provider.

Do I have to sell my existing investments?

As part of the transfer process we will instruct your existing provider to sell your current ISA holdings and transfer the cash proceeds to us. Once received we will invest these within 24 hours into your chosen risk level.

What’s the minimum investment and which types of ISAs can I transfer?

The minimum investment to become a client of Netwealth is £50,000. This however can be made up of different account types as well as include both cash deposits and transfers from other providers. The minimum portfolio size for an ISA is £5,000 or £1,000 for a JISA. If you are unsure about meeting the minimums or have any questions, please set up a call with one of our client advisers.
You can transfer stocks and shares, cash and innovative finance ISAs held with other providers.