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Netwealth Managed Portfolio Service

  • High quality, liquid and globally diversified portfolios across seven risk-return profil
  • Cost-effective investing – discretionary management fee of 0.20% + VAT
  • Experienced team looking after the client’s investments and making day-to-day decisions on their behalf
  • Regular portfolio rebalancing
  • Available exclusively to financial advisers through the Transact Wrap Service

MiFID II Implementation - A Work in Progress

An AKG research paper in association with Netwealth

The research paper provides a comprehensive evaluation of the impact of MiFID II over the last 18 months and what this means for the UK retail wealth management industry going forward.

The paper is underpinned by market research from intermediary businesses, DFMs and platform operators. By gathering feedback from a range of perspectives AKG have been able to explore the effectiveness of the regulation to date, understand the challenges currently being faced and identify opportunities for future improvements across the industry.

Our Philosophy

We believe wealth management should combine the best elements of a traditional discretionary service with the benefits of a technology-enhanced

So we have brought together a highly qualified team, a powerful online service, a robust investment framework and access to experienced advisers if needed – all at a fraction of the industry cost.

About Financial Advice About Financial Advice
Three Pots@2X

Helping clients meet their financial goals with our "Three-pot Theory"™

In our experience, a helpful way for clients to think about their assets is managing them across three hypothetical pots. These pots tend to represent how they live their lives, thus making financial planning more intuitive and accessible.

Netwealth helps clients with Pot 2.


Our Approach

Experienced Team

Robust Inv Frwrk

Robust Investment Framework

Active Allo Pass Ins

Active Allocations, Passive Instruments

Netwealth’s ambition is to deliver attractive portfolio performance over the medium to long term in order to give clients the best chance of meeting their investment goals.

We make active decisions about asset allocation and the appropriate markets to invest in while staying within the client's chosen risk parameters. We access markets predominantly through passive funds and ETFs to ensure high levels of diversification and to help keep the cost of investing low.

Our investment approach has three distinct pillars

Building Strategic Allocations

The long term mix of asset classes which drives the risk-return characteristics of each Risk Level

Instrument Selection

Deciding how best to gain exposure to our desired markets and selecting the most effective instruments

Adopting Cyclical Positions

Adjusting the portfolios to mitigate the risks of current market conditions

Risk management is embedded in every stage of the investment process

Portfolios managed by an experienced macro and multi-asset investment team

Views based on long term strategic thinking, so we can be more patient for the investment team’s views to be rewarded

Conviction in the significant compounding value over time of minimising unnecessary, attritional costs within client portfolios

100% daily liquidity, but resistant to excessive trading

Our investment is in the experts that manage your clients' investments

Netwealth has created an investment team dedicated to giving you and your clients peace-of-mind and saving you time.


Working with intermediaries

We believe that by clearly defining the processes of financial advice and wealth management we are able to work with intermediaries to help clients achieve their financial goals. At Netwealth we focus on the key aspects of investing: the team and process that guide the investments and the costs associated with the service. We believe that by concentrating our efforts on these elements, we can truly add value to your investment proposition.

This clear definition of roles helps us to deliver on our responsibilities to both you and the client.

By concentrating only on the underlying portfolios and leaving the financial planning to you, we are able to ensure that we maintain appropriate levels of risk within each portfolio and allocate sufficient resource to portfolio construction and to the research and selection of investments.

The client’s risk profile and investment objective define how we manage their money, and goal-based financial planning is at the core of this process. We rely on you for all the client information we need in order to provide an effective discretionary wealth management service.

Smaller fees make a big difference

We believe in the long term value of keeping the total cost of investing as low as possible and compounding this benefit up over time.

When comparing Netwealth's annual MPS total charges of 0.48% to the median UK MPS total charges of 1.05%, clients could be £50,000 better off due to fees alone, over a 20 year investment period.*

Fees Chart Int

Please note that forward looking models are not a reliable indicator of future performance.

Assumes an annual gross return of 5.0%.

* The median UK MPS total charges of 1.05% are calculated as the median AMC of 0.36% (inc. VAT) and the median underlying fund OCF of 0.69% of the DFMs listed in research by Platforum published in their UK Fund Distribution: Model Portfolios on Platform paper in July 2017. The Netwealth MPS total charges are calculated as the AMC of 0.24% (inc. VAT) and the estimated fund costs of 0.24%.

Fees and Charges

Netwealth Management Fee (inc. VAT)


Estimated Fund Costs


Estimated Total Charges*


            Netwealth Discretionary Fee Estimated Underlying Fund Costs  
Discretionary Management Fee 0.20% Fund Charges 0.19%
VAT 0.04% Fund Cost of Trading 0.05%


*Other costs of investing are applicable in relation to the friction costs of trading within the portfolios. The ongoing costs of trading are related to the spread between purchase and sale prices of instruments that are bought and sold on behalf of the client by Netwealth on an ongoing basis. The annual costs of trading are estimated to be 0.05%.

*Other costs of investing are applicable in relation to the friction costs of trading within the portfolios. The ongoing costs of trading are related to the spread between purchase and sale prices of instruments that are bought and sold on behalf of the client by Netwealth on an ongoing basis. The annual costs of trading are estimated to be 0.05%.

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