Wealth Management as it should be

Meeting your investment needs at a fraction of the industry cost

Financial Planning

Work with one of our qualified advisers or use our intuitive online tools to plan for each of your financial goals.

Investment Management

Professional portfolio management provides the core of your investments with ongoing monitoring and rebalancing to help achieve your goals.

Outstanding Client Experience

Portfolio construction tools and seamless administration, whether online or via our client service team, remove the customary burdens of setting up and maintaining accounts.

  • Model the impact of changes to tax, inflation, time horizon and risk level on your portfolio.
  • Set up multiple portfolios and account types such as pension, ISAs or general investment accounts. In sterling, euro or US dollar denomination, to build your overall financial plan.
  • Customise your cashflows to meet each of your goals.
  • Talk to our qualified advisers to discuss your financial affairs as and when you need to.
  • Experienced team looking after your investments and making day-to-day decisions on your behalf.
  • Regular portfolio rebalancing, income re-investment and capital gains tax optimisation.
  • High quality, liquid and globally diversified portfolios across seven risk levels and three currencies (sterling, euro and US dollar).
  • Invest in socially responsible investment portfolios, combining ethically focused investments alongside our sterling portfolios.
  • Easily make regular or ad-hoc contributions and withdrawals with all portfolios offering full liquidity within five working days.
  • Review, analyse and update your portfolios with instant access to a wealth of information including performance, allocations and scenario analyses.
  • Outsource the hassle of ISA and pension transfers to our client service team.
  • Automatic tax reporting.
  • Monitor performance on an absolute basis, relative to market indices and against your defined financial goal, allowing you to review and update your financial plan as required.
  • Drill down into the sources of return across regions, asset classes, income and capital gains.

The right account type for different investment needs

General Investment Accounts (GIA)

Our GIA lets you invest in any combination of our seven risk levels and is available in GBP, EUR and USD base currencies.


Our personal pension allows you to consolidate existing pensions to save flexibly towards your retirement.

ISAs and JISAs

Benefit from tax free saving for you and your family.

Junior Investing (JISAs and Junior GIAs)

Start investing today to meet your family's current and future financial goals.

Charity, Trust and Corporate Accounts

Netwealth’s discretionary service and cash flow planning is well placed to meet the needs of charities, trusts and corporates.

Start Now

When investing your capital is at risk.

Investment Approach

Netwealth offers seven portfolios in each of three home currencies: sterling, euro, and US dollar. Portfolios span a wide range of risk profiles to give all clients the best chance of meeting their investment goals.

We invest predominantly through passive funds and Exchange Traded Funds to ensure high levels of diversification and to help keep costs low.

Our Approach in Detail

Experienced investment team

Long-term, strategic thinking

Low costs mean investment returns compound faster

100% daily liquidity

Netwealth Portfolio Range

Higher Risk of Loss Lower Higher Potential Return Lower Cash Deposit 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Global Bonds Global Equities

Recommended minimum holding period: 1 month to 2 years

Long-term performance target: Cash-equivalent return

Typical allocation to:

Cash & Money Markets Bonds Equities Alternatives
50% 50% 0% 0%

Recommended minimum holding period: At least 3 years

Long-term performance target: Matching inflation

Typical allocation to:

Cash & Money Markets Bonds Equities Alternatives
22.6% 52.3% 19.3% 5.8%

Recommended minimum holding period: At least 3-5 years

Long-term performance target: Inflation + 1%pa

Typical allocation to:

Cash & Money Markets Bonds Equities Alternatives
7.9% 55.4% 29.1% 7.6%

Recommended minimum holding period: At least 5 years

Long-term performance target: Inflation +2%pa

Typical allocation to:

Cash & Money Markets Bonds Equities Alternatives
2.2% 43.8% 46.2% 7.8%

Recommended minimum holding period: At least 5-7 years

Long-term performance target: Inflation +2.5%pa

Typical allocation to:

Cash & Money Markets Bonds Equities Alternatives
2.2% 31.2% 60.6% 6.0%

Recommended minimum holding period: At least 7-10 years

Long-term performance target: Inflation +3%pa

Typical allocation to:

Cash & Money Markets Bonds Equities Alternatives
2.1% 18.6% 75.8% 3.5%

Recommended minimum holding period: At least 10 years

Long-term performance target: Inflation +3.5%pa

Typical allocation to:

Cash & Money Markets Bonds Equities Alternatives
1.8% 8.0% 90.2% 0%

Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)

At Netwealth, we feel strongly that investors should be able to choose to reflect their ethical considerations without compromising on the calibre of an investment proposition. Our SRI portfolios invest in companies and funds who work to protect the environment and have high social and governance rankings.

And all without compromising your potential returns. We are confident that a Netwealth SRI offer is compelling for our clients: combining ethics, quality and efficiency.

Our SRI approach in detail

The Netwealth Network

Invite up to 7 people to join your Network and enjoy the benefits of economies of scale. The minimum investment amount drops from £50,000 to £5,000 for Network members, and fees for the whole Network are calculated on the total amount invested by all members. Accounts remain independent, allowing each member of your Network to pursue their own unique financial goals whilst enjoying the benefit of lower collective fees.

The Netwealth Network is a particularly powerful tool for families wanting to share fee and investment benefits across generations.

Watch the video to see how this works in practice.

More about the Netwealth Network


Security is a vital aspect of our proposition and we apply industry standard, layered security measures both to our clients' accounts and to our infrastructure. These are validated regularly by external security experts.

All client assets are separately custodied and ring-fenced. Client money is held in accordance with the applicable FCA rules and protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

Netwealth uses dual factor authentication for client log-ins and all client data is encrypted securely both at rest and when transmitted. Our network host constantly monitors for vulnerabilities, actively mitigates DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks, and carries out regular penetration testing.

Fees and Charges

We believe in the long term benefit of keeping the total cost of investing as low as possible.

Our transparent fees are based on the total net contributions to your account and include: investment management, custody and safe keeping of your investments, transaction charges, administration, and any applicable VAT.

We do not charge initial fees or fees to transfer in pensions, ISAs or cash.

More About Our Fees

The following table shows the estimated annual costs for a portfolio managed on a discretionary basis by Netwealth:

Total Invested Amount £50,000 -
£250,000 -
Discretionary Management Fee 0.65% 0.50% 0.35%
Estimated Underlying Fund Costs 0.20% 0.20% 0.20%
Estimated Annual Costs of Trading 0.10% 0.10% 0.10%
Total Annual Costs of Investing 0.95% 0.80% 0.65%

For Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) portfolios, higher underlying fund charges and trading costs add approximately 0.25% to the total costs of investing.