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Addressing the UK’s cost of living crisis

Crisis, what crisis? The good news is the economic rebound from the pandemic continues and that the jobs market has returned to broad health. In fact, latest data this week confirmed that in November the economy returned to its pre-pandemic level.  Also, we may be over the worst of the pandemic, although the possibility of new variants means learning to live with covid and avoiding further lockdowns may be a key priority in 2022.

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Six energising financial resolutions for 2022

How can you energise your investments in 2022? While we don’t know what lies ahead, you can take steps to keep your financial goals on track – and be more resilient for whatever comes your way.

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The Financial Times’ annual survey of economists: my answers to their questions

At the beginning of each year The Financial Times conducts a survey among UK based economists. My responses to their questions are below and you can read the original FT article here.

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Articles of the year

In 2021 there were challenges for investors and those planning for their future, but also opportunities. We published a wide variety of articles to address the needs of readers, ease their concerns and highlight themes that could help them make better financial decisions. The pieces below are among those that have been read and shared the most.

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What is happening to inflation and interest rates?

Today the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee voted by 8-1 to raise interest rates from 0.1% to 0.25%. This move was small but significant, it was also welcome and necessary.

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A closer look: examining the macroeconomic and investment landscape

Our Chief Economic Strategist, Gerard Lyons, and our Head of Portfolio Management, Iain Barnes, look at the events that are impacting the global economy and financial markets, and what this means for your investments.

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Seven developments impacting the global economy and markets

Here the focus is on some of the key current developments in the global economy that are impacting markets.

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How technology can help you better manage your investments

Modern technology can bring extraordinary benefits for investors today. It provides terrific clarity and transparency, gives you more control over how, where and when you invest, and perhaps most importantly, can help you to make better decisions as you aim to achieve your long-term goals.

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Why a wealth check could be good news for your finances (and your health)

It’s not unusual to go for a health check if we feel something is not quite right. But maybe we should adopt a similar approach with our wealth, and also afford it the scrutiny it deserves to improve our financial outcome and ensure we sleep soundly.

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“Diversification is the only free lunch” in investing

The Nobel Prize laureate, economist Harry Markowitz, is reported to have said, “Diversification is the only free lunch” in investing. This assertion has been shown to have stood the test of time and is one that we incorporate into our investment approach. In some respects, it is part of “controlling the controllables” that investors and savers can adhere to.

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