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“Diversification is the only free lunch” in investing

The Nobel Prize laureate, economist Harry Markowitz, is reported to have said, “Diversification is the only free lunch” in investing. This assertion has been shown to have stood the test of time and is one that we incorporate into our investment approach. In some respects, it is part of “controlling the controllables” that investors and savers can adhere to.

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How to figure out an effective retirement approach

Many of our professional clients (eg, accountants, lawyers, architects) take pride in helping their clients by taking a logical and measurable approach to challenges and finding the best outcome for them. It therefore stands to reason that a similar numerical rigour can also be used by professionals to potentially boost their own outcome for retirement.

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Assessing the economic landscape

Where are we in the economic cycle? This remains one of the key issues. In recent months, as we have noted before, financial markets – both in the UK and globally – have evolved through a number of different phases: from a focus on a strong rebound, to worries about inflation and then, more recently, to concerns about a future deceleration of growth.

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Why digital advice matters

Many investors don’t get the right quality of financial advice or know where to find it. This shortfall, and resulting inequality, is why we recently became one of the seven founder members of the Digital Advice Group (DAG) – an initiative set up so consumers can better access digital advice opportunities and forge a better path for their money.

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The Bank of England could learn from the US Federal Reserve

When will central banks tighten monetary policy? This is a key issue for financial markets across the globe.

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How to manage the Lifetime Allowance to your advantage

Many people face the position where they have to manage their pension around the Lifetime Allowance (LTA) before and during their retirement. Like many aspects of retirement planning it can be complex – and frequently misunderstood – but investors do have choices and you can make the most of the opportunities that arise.

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UK Budget: higher growth, spending and taxes

Any Budget needs to be judged in the context of the time. This is particularly the case for this Budget, in the wake of a pandemic and also in the context of an economy whose trend of growth has still not recovered from the hit of the 2008 global financial crisis.

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Chancellor must focus on growth to restore confidence in the economy

On Wednesday the Chancellor presents his Budget and the Comprehensive Spending Review. His thinking should be guided by where are we in the economic cycle.

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Why invest when the future is unknowable?

We don’t need a crystal ball to tell us that the future is inscrutable. Whether we are talking about economic or market crises, social upheavals or so-called black-swan events, commentators seem to utter the words “We didn’t see that coming” with remarkable regularity. But if the future is so unknowable, should we embrace caution and not invest at all?

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The impact of global events and what this means for your investments

In our latest investment update, our Chief Economic Strategist, Gerard Lyons, and our Head of Portfolio Management, Iain Barnes, look at the events that are impacting the global economy and financial markets, and what this means for your investments.

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