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Get the most from your child’s savings – and make the most of their future

Investing for a child’s future has never been easier, or as crucial in an era of high inflation. Child Trust Funds initially offered a great tax-free way to put some money away for a child before they were replaced by Junior ISAs. Both are efficient, but a lucky quirk also lets you contribute even more to their savings if you are moving from one to the other.

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Inflation peaks, rates plateau, growth recovers – a more favourable 2023?

What to expect in 2023? Inflation peaking, rates plateauing and growth recovering is a likely scenario, and points to a more favourable outlook for markets. As the year progresses, positive sentiment may focus on the likelihood of a stronger 2024, with growth picking up compared with 2023. Such an environment would not suggest interest rates fall in 2024, as has been speculated on recently.

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Investment topics to focus on for 2023

While 2022 was undeniably challenging, there are many opportunities this year and beyond if investors are prepared to be patient and discerning. A few themes and topics stand out as being potential key drivers of returns in 2023.

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New year financial health check – 6 expert tips to improve your finances in 2023

For busy individuals, a new year can be a good time to elevate your personal finances to the top of the pile. It’s a chance to take stock of your current position, and ensure that not only are you prepared for the end of the tax year, but so you can also review whether you are on track to meet your longer-term objectives.

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Articles of the year

In 2022 there were many challenges for investors and those planning ahead. To help readers make better financial decisions, we wrote about what our experience has shown us, and highlighted themes and thinking that may ease their concerns. The pieces below are among those that have been read and shared the most.

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The good news is inflation should fall, but it is still unclear where it will settle

As we look towards 2023 it already looks set to be the year of the good, the bad and the uncertain.

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How socially responsible investing can work with your overall investment approach

The conversation around behaving more conscientiously grows louder daily, with socially responsible investing also part of this societal shift. Yet investing according to your values doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing commitment – better understanding the rationale and benefits of this strategy can help you decide if it’s suitable for at least some of your overall investments.

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UK recession and the policy squeeze

The immediate economic outlook for the UK is poor. Since the 2008 Global Financial Crisis (GFC), the UK has been a low growth, low productivity and low wage economy. Now, in the wake of the Autumn Statement it appears to be becoming a high tax and high public spending economy, too.

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Fact vs fiction: why bespoke advice beats bespoke portfolios

Despite some advances in declining fees, Britain’s wealth management industry is still in need of a big overhaul. A bespoke portfolio is more likely to underperform when compared to a centrally managed portfolio, and to cost clients more. We examine this apparent disparity below and illustrate why this industry is ripe for change. 

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Preparing for a recession – does market timing work?

During periods of recession, it is not uncommon for investors to suffer losses in their investment portfolios. If a recession were to unfold next year, it would be broadly predicted and not catch many people by surprise. Rising interest rates, sky high energy prices and inverted yield curves in the bond market are all signs that make investors nervous that a recession is looming.

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