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Combating the riskiest situation for cash in over 40 years

We may be keenly familiar with the impact of inflation on our spending power this year, but we should also scrutinise the rapid negative effect it can have on our savings and investments. It’s crucial to recognise the value of taking action sooner, even if the easiest thing to do is to sit out challenging circumstances.

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What is behind the weakness in UK assets?

Rarely do events in financial markets lead the main evening news. This highlights the magnitude of UK bond market volatility and sterling’s fall in the past few days, and underscores how important it is for investors to be aware of the consequences and to be prepared.

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Sterling markets and the need to establish policy credibility

The mini-Budget on Friday triggered a major sell-off in UK assets. The pound was hit hard and UK borrowing costs rose.

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6 scenarios when financial advice could save you some trouble (and a tidy sum)

The prospect of soliciting financial advice can seem daunting and many may question whether they need expert advice, or wonder which aspects of advice might benefit them the most. While a meaningful change of your circumstances is often viewed as a catalyst, certain scenarios can make seeking advice much more pressing.

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Economic update

The immediate outlook for financial markets remains complex. The world economy is slowing. In turn, inflationary pressures appear to be easing, highlighted by the recent continued fall in oil and commodity prices.

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Active vs passive investing – what you need to know

The objective of any investment manager is to generate strong returns relative to the level of risk they are taking within the portfolio. Investors should understand how these returns can be generated, how consistent they might be, and how much it costs to invest.

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New Consumer Duty – what consumers should expect from financial providers

Looking after the evolving needs of consumers is a constant task for regulators, with many people not being appropriately served by financial services companies. A new initiative aims to help investors get the service they deserve, so it’s important to know whether your wealth manager is delivering on what they should – and doing what is right for you.

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Invest according to your values, without compromising on value

Socially responsible investing (SRI) allows investors to better align their investment focus with any social or ethical beliefs they have. Historically, this way of investing has led some to question whether they are getting their money’s worth – but a modern wealth manager like Netwealth can help ensure you invest according to your values, without compromising on value.

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Five reasons why you should re-evaluate your retirement plan now

While a pension is a long-term investment in your future, it’s all too easy to set one up and neglect it, assuming it will do the trick. But like any other vital long-term strategy it is worth re-evaluating your retirement plan – to ensure it remains fit for purpose, and on track to give you the retirement you deserve.

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How we help responsible investors to more effectively achieve their goals

The inclination to be more responsible is changing how many consumers are choosing to live their lives, and also how they invest. People want more of a say in how our society is shaped and where their money is directed as they prepare for their future. We now offer investors more choices to help them decide what works best for them.

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