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Budget update: LTA abolished & allowance increased - what this means for your retirement plans and passing on your assets

For many years the lifetime allowance (LTA) was a cap on what people could save into their pensions before they faced extra tax charges. In today’s budget the LTA was abolished, so what does that mean for those who want to plan effectively for their retirement?

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Active vs passive investing – what you need to know

The objective of any investment manager is to generate strong returns relative to the level of risk they are taking within the portfolio. Investors should understand how these returns can be generated, how consistent they might be, and how much it costs to invest.

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Build your smart financial plan in 7 steps

A sound financial plan will go a long way to help you better achieve your goals in life. While such an initiative may sound daunting, there are specific steps you can take to get started and navigate successfully along the way.

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Property or pension in retirement? Maybe blending is the answer

The property vs pensions debate often runs hot, yet a sensible strategy when thinking about funding retirement may not be a case of one or the other – but a considered combination of the two. It is therefore worth exploring the pros and cons of both assets and how changing rules may affect your decisions, and your outcome.

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Analysis of the Budget

The latest Budget is naturally focused on recovering from the pandemic, with the Chancellor Rishi Sunak promising to do “whatever it takes” to support the UK economy. Here we provide an overview of some of the Budget’s key messages and what this may mean for investors.

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How to Start (or Restart) Investing

If you have sold a business or property, inherited money, or accrued a pot over time you may be sitting on a reasonable sum of cash. You may also prefer the implied safety of savings if you are concerned about markets and haven’t found the right opportunity to invest or get back in.

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When Should You Seek Financial Advice? (And What Happens If You Don’t?)

Getting the right advice at the right time is beneficial in all walks of life. Gaining appropriate direction for your finances gives you the opportunity to avoid making costly mistakes, and the impartial reassurance you are on the right track. But when should you seek advice?

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How a Smart Financial Plan Helps You Achieve What You Want in Life

An overall financial plan is the bedrock of any successful long-term personal savings and investment strategy. It will help to ensure you are matching your savings – and where appropriate, investments – to your future needs so that you can meet all of your goals.

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Income Strategies for a Post-pandemic World

Generating a reliable income is crucial for many investors. However, the crisis has made it even more difficult to focus on an effective strategy, and avoid the many dangers – such as striving for yield at all costs – which could affect your long-term income.

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The Generation Gain: Effectively Passing Your Wealth on to Your Family

Many of us want to pass our wealth on to the next generation. But what do we need to consider to do this effectively – to maximise the benefits for our families while managing the balance between tax efficiency and control?

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