How to maximise your wealth in the 2024-25 tax year

In a recent webinar we focused on how investors can maximise their wealth for the 2024-25 tax year. There are many permutations to consider. We highlight some of them here to help you make better financial decisions this year and make a difference to your longer-term outcome.

Understanding and adapting to new tax rules


In the March Budget there were several announcements that may affect individuals and families – including the cut in national insurance, reducing the higher rate of CGT on property and the introduction of a British ISA.


Find out more about what the tax rates and allowances could mean for you (no need to register; video on YouTube).


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Maximising tax-efficient investment strategies


ISAs and pensions are two highly tax efficient ways to save for your future – for your short-term needs or longer-term objectives. Find out about the nuances which could affect you and your family, including the carry-forward and tapering rules for pensions.


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Leveraging pension contributions and allowances to boost retirement savings


If you inherit money, sell a property or have had a good year of saving you may have extra funds you would like to add to your pension. We look at what an individual can do if they have a surplus of £50,000 in a given year – at why and how they can efficiently put it into a pension, and how, for example, they can boost their contributions from day one.


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Choosing the right risk level to prepare for the future


Being invested – rather than leaving your money in a bank account – is an important consideration to protect your wealth’s value over the long term. It is therefore worth establishing why you should take risk and assessing how much risk you should take depending on your own circumstances, including your time horizon.


Find out more about the ins and outs of choosing an appropriate risk level.

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Navigating potential economic challenges and market volatility in the year ahead


With geopolitical tensions persisting and uncertainty about when central banks might reduce interest rates, it can be difficult to navigate a path for our money with confidence. A useful way to help you think about investing is to frame it in terms of what you can and can’t control. For example, you can’t control inflation, but you can control how much you pay in fees.


Find out about ‘controlling the controllables’ and how applying this investment strategy can make a significant difference to your financial outcome over time.


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Of course, many of the topics we highlight in the webinar may have more complex attributes. You may, therefore, require a tailored level of attention and expert advice to help you maximise your own financial circumstances. Just get in touch whenever and however it suits you.





Please note, the value of your investments can go down as well as up.


Netwealth offers advice restricted to our services and does not provide independent advice across the market. We do not offer advice in relation to tax compliance, personal recommendations with regards to insurance and protection, or advise upon the transfer of defined benefit pensions.


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