Netwealth In The Press

Be positive. The City will get a boost from LSD this year."

Use an online investment service like Nutmeg or Netwealth. Be aware of fees. If you're paying more than 1%, move your money."

Red Magazine, January 2018
How to be richer in 2018

Gerard Lyons, chief economic strategist at Netwealth, predicts that the U.K. will concede to most of the EU's demands in order to reach a deal."

CNBC, 4th December 2017
Will there be a Brexit deal?

Netwealth has launched an online tool aimed at making investors aware of how much their wealth manager is really charging."

Thirteen new investors joined the 28 angels who provided the company its initial capital of £6.57m before the firm launched in May 2016, making total funds raised to date £16.6m."

Netwealth, the online investment manager backed by a number of City titans, has raised £10.02 million in its second round of funding and brought on board several new high profile shareholders"

I have a certain amount of exposure to the US via my Sipp at Netwealth (it is passively run)"

Financial Times, 9th September 2017
Investors need some international diversification (Merryn Somerset Webb)
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Netwealth delivered growth that was noticeably higher than the benchmarks across all four risk profiles, from cautious (40% equities) to high risk (80% equities)"

Sunday Times, 2nd July 2017
March of the robo-advisers
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Netwealth, the wealth manager led by Charlotte Ransom, a former Goldman Sachs partner, reported returns ranging from 2.9 per cent to 25.6 per cent across its seven portfolios in the year to the end of May, with the best gains generated from investments in UK and international equities."

Financial Times, 5th June 2017
Netwealth benefits from rise in UK and international equities
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Discretionary management firm Netwealth, which launched a year ago, has seen returns across its portfolio range beat the average performance of its peers."

Financial Times Adviser, 6th June 2017
Netwealth Portfolio Performance

One particular feature of Netwealth's service is the ability for groups of people - typically family but sometimes friends - to form a 'network'. This means the percentage they each pay is based on the combined value of their assets, not their individual pot."

Online investment management firm Netwealth says its average client size is more than £200,000, proving there is appetite among high-end investors for a digital service."

Wealth Manager Magazine, March 2017
Netwealth proving HNWs hungry for digital

Gerard Lyons, chief economic adviser to Netwealth Investments, said: 'It is very difficult to replicate the skills, knowledge, experience and infrastructure we have here in London … It will continue to be the dominant financial centre of Europe and one of the two major financial centres of the globe.'"

Alternatively, there are the “do it for you” providers who make the investment choices for you. Many are new digital offerings, which manage a range of funds tailored to your risk level, at a relatively low cost. Names here include Nutmeg, MoneyFarm and Netwealth"

The Guardian, 27th March 2017
Is an Isa the best home for your nest egg?

Slashing a single percentage point from annual fees could bring a 35-year-old investor nearly two extra decades of retirement income, according to investment manager Netwealth.
Netwealth took the example of a 35-year-old who has built up a pension pot of £12,000, and then continues to invest £250 a month until the age of 65. With returns of 3.5% a year after charges, it could then generate an income of £9,000 a year for 24 years. However, cut charges by a percentage point, so the returns bump up to 4.5% a year, and the income could continue for 43 years."

Sunday Times, 19 March 2017
Active or passive — both approaches have their benefits
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The BoE has consistently got its forecasts wrong," said Gerard Lyons of Netwealth Investments, a former adviser to Boris Johnson [...] "People are allowed to get their forecasts wrong but … when there's a consistent bias, that's when you have to reassess."

Financial Times, 2nd February 2017
Bank of England upgrades UK growth forecasts again
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A new wealth manager, Netwealth, has spotted the potential of "multi-generational" investing […] It calculates fees on the basis of the total assets held in up to eight linked accounts."

Sunday Telegraph (Money), 8th January 2017
Could you be the 'fund manager next door'?

Numbers crunched for Money by the investment manager Netwealth show that reducing annual charges by one percentage point could net you an extra two decades of comfortable retirement."

Sunday Times, 1st January 2017
Here's what passes for 'value for money' in the pensions game
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The research was produced by Netwealth Investments, one of a number of new services undercutting existing wealth managers and squarely aimed at well-off investors who want value for their money."

Sunday Telegraph (Money), 20th November 2016
Investment fees that cost you 16 years' income

Here's what I am planning to do with my own pension: keep saving into my Sipp (now split between various investment trusts held with Hargreaves Lansdown and passive investments with Netwealth) until there is enough there to provide a base income in retirement."

Financial Times, 28th October 2016
Simplicity and low costs – that's real pension freedom
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He's justified to stay," said Gerard Lyons, a strategist at Netwealth Investments "He's done a good job and some of the criticisms of the bank are overdone. The policy project still needs to be fully worked through after the referendum."

The founders think there are problems with transparency, high costs and poor performance in the [wealth management] industry and that Netwealth can offer something new."

Netwealth aims to make investments a family affair by allowing investors to invite their spouse, children, siblings and friends to their network – with each individual retaining their own portfolio. Under the service, called Netwealth Network, fees are calculated on the homogenised investment amount in the network."

FT Adviser, 22nd June 2016
Firing Line: Thomas Salter

[The] founders developed the product after finding that "a core financial consumer base was either underinvested or unhappily invested due to concerns over cost, transparency, performance and quality within discretionary wealth management."

Money Week, 6th June 2016
The rich return to robo-advisers

If you are time poor, cash rich and looking for somewhere to invest, who are you going to call? Up to now the answer has been a wealth manager... However, a new online wealth manager is offering a similar service for half the cost, at the click of a button."

The Times, 28th May 2016
The rich and march of the robots
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Rather than targeting the mass market, the company aims to tap into the wealth management client base, such as those customers serviced by Rathbones, St James's Place and Brewin Dolphin. Speaking to FTAdviser, chief operating officer Mr Salter, who was previously a managing director at JP Morgan, suggested many of the current DFM players in the market create an "illusion of bespoke" by tinkering with ready-packaged portfolios."

One of the most promising challenger firms aiming to take on the established wealth management and private client investment business."

Money Makers, 26th May 2016
A low-cost future for wealth management?

Humans are fundamentally badly designed for managing money ... Hence the launch of a new fund management group this week called Netwealth [...] once aboard, clients are promised first-class asset allocation, together with the performance measurement, customisation and transparency which modern technology makes possible."

Evening Standard, 24th May 2016
When investing, beware of our bad habits

According to Netwealth co-founder and CEO, Ransom, Netwealth was designed to assist British professionals who are "underinvested or unhappily invested" make the most of modern technology. "While critical aspects such as a highly qualified team, investment rigour and security of their assets are all vital, they also want to benefit from all that technology can bring, including performance analytics, customisation of their individual investment goals, and transparency when it comes to the true costs of the service."

The company has raised just over £6.5m of investment, understood to be one of the largest angel rounds in the UK in the last five years. It has attracted an investor line-up including Bonham Carter, Michael Hartweg (co-founder, Leonteq), Harvey McGrath (former chairman of Man Group and Prudential), Merryn Somerset Webb (editor-in-chief, MoneyWeek) and Edward Wray (co-founder, Betfair)."

It has been designed as a low-cost service with long-term asset allocation at its core, but with the option of face-to-face advice for clients who desire it. [...] Its investment management proposition 'will have a human on the tiller', while clients can opt for face-to-face advice. Technology is very much viewed as the 'enabler', with human interaction an important aspect of the service."

Netwealth's charges are way below total costs of 2%, or more, levied by traditional advisers."

Financial News 23rd May 2016
Ex-Goldman bankers back City's newest robo-adviser
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[Netwealth] have attracted a big-hitting team. The pair earlier this month signed up Gerard Lyons (pictured), who was previously the chief economic adviser to London mayor Boris Johnson, as chief economic strategist. Former UBS Asset Management executive director Iain Barnes has joined as head of portfolio management with Rachel Willox, latterly an executive director at JPMorgan, recruited as head of operations."

Founded by Charlotte Ransom, a former Goldman Sachs banker, the start-up hopes to challenge traditional wealth managers and private bankers with a low-cost, automated investment service. With a minimum investment of £50,000, it charges a tiered 0.65% management fee, dropping to 0.35% for those who put in more than £500,000, around a third of the cost of actively managed portfolios."