Netwealth Investment Fees Calculator

I plan to invest with risk for years.

I be part of a .

The additional funds within the network will be

Smaller fees make a huge difference

Taking your investment of in a risk portfolio we have simulated below the potential values over the next years. The blue bars consider a portfolio paying Netwealth's fees and the grey bars when the average fees of a traditional wealth manager are deducted.

Traditional Wealth Manager

With average investment returns of per annum, you could be an extra better off over years by investing with Netwealth compared to investing with a traditional wealth manager.

The example above is based on the forward looking gross investment return for a core risk portfolio of per annum and an initial investment of . The total cost of investing for the traditional manager is 1.86%.*

Fees and costs of investing

Percentage Amount
Netwealth Management Fee
Current Underlying Fund Charges
Estimated Annual Costs of Trading
Total Annual Cost of Investing

One-off costs of approximately 0.08% will be incurred when making the initial investment

Before you invest with Netwealth we will provide you with a personalised illustration of all the estimated fees and costs for your portfolios.

Total Invested Amount £50,000 - £249,999 £250,000 - £999,999 £1,000,000+
Netwealth Management Fee 0.70% 0.55% 0.40%
Current Underlying Fund Charges 0.20% 0.20% 0.20%
Estimated Annual Costs of Trading 0.10% 0.10% 0.10%
Total Annual Costs of Investing 1% 0.85% 0.70%

We do not charge initial fees or fees to transfer in pensions, ISAs or cash.

For Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) portfolios, higher fund charges and trading costs add approximately 0.2% to total costs of investing.

Underlying Fund Charges

The underlying fund charges are an estimate of the aggregated charges from funds and ETFs held in portfolios, including management fees and other fund charges for administration and custody.

Netwealth Management Fee

The fee rate for the discretionary investment service will be determined by the aggregate value of the contributions you have made into your Account less any withdrawals (“Total Invested Amount”). If you are the Lead Investor or member of a Network, then the Total Invested Amount will be calculated based on the aggregate value of contributions less withdrawals for all clients in the Network.

Fees are deducted from your account monthly in arrears, based on the applicable annual fee rate and the average daily value of your account.

Annual Costs of Trading

Other costs of investing are made up of the frictional costs of trading within the portfolios. The ongoing costs of trading relate to the spread between purchase and sale prices of funds and ETFs that are bought and sold on your behalf by Netwealth on an ongoing basis, and to the equivalent frictional costs of trades taking place within the funds themselves.

The one-off cost of investing is the effect of the difference between the purchase price and the “mid-market” price in the market for each fund when your initial investment is made.

Other Potentially Applicable Charges

The table below lays out other charges that will be deducted from the client's account, depending on the services provided.

Netwealth Charges Charge
Cash Withdrawal via CHAPS £25
Cash Withdrawal via BACS £0
Cash Transfer Charge (GIA, ISA, JISA) £0
In Specie Transfer Charge (GIA, ISA, JISA) £20
Account Closure £0
Change of Portfolio Risk Level** 0.12% of Portfolio market value
Intelligent Money (Pension Provider) Charges Charge
Set-up Fee £0
Annual Charge £180
Income Drawdown Set-up Charge £75
Income Drawdown Annual Charge £108
Calculation of Pension Commencement Lump Sum (Tax Free Cash) £150
Calculation of Partial Uncrystallised Fund Pension Lump Sum £225
Calculation of Full Uncrystallised Fund Pension Lump Sum £300
Capped Income Drawdown Annual Review £75
Annuity Purchase Charge £150
Single and Regular Contributions £0
Cash Transfers In £0
Cash Transfers Out £150
In-Specie Transfers In £225
In-Specie Transfers Out £150 per hour

* The traditional wealth manager fee of 1.86% is calculated as the average total expense ratio (TER) of the wealth managers listed in research by Numis and Citywire published by Citywire Wealth Manager in February 2015.

** We think that investment objectives are best achieved through maintaining a long-term strategic asset allocation. If your objectives or preferences change you are able to change the risk level on your portfolio a maximum of two times per year free of charges. Any changes subsequent to that will be chargeable at 0.12% of the value of the investments to cover our additional trading costs.

Charges relating to a Personal Pension are currently exempt from VAT. However, if this changes we reserve the right to add VAT to charges where VAT is applicable. We will provide you with not less than 15 days’ written notice of this.