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In 2021 there were challenges for investors and those planning for their future, but also opportunities. We published a wide variety of articles to address the needs of readers, ease their concerns and highlight themes that could help them make better financial decisions. The pieces below are among those that have been read and shared the most.

Why transparent investing – and transparent advice – matters

Charlotte Ransom, Founder and CEO


An FT report examined the investment landscape and found that comparing fees, performance and quality is still a struggle for many. Charlotte assesses these and some of the other crucial factors affecting the outcome for investors. The conclusion is obvious: the incumbent wealth management industry is not doing nearly enough to meet the needs of its clients.



The sum of your choices

Thomas Salter, Founder and COO


The author Albert Camus stated that ‘Life is the sum of your choices’ – your good and bad choices accumulate and lead you to where you are. Likewise, your financial outcome is strongly influenced by the sum of your investment and financial planning decisions throughout your life. Tom takes a look at what the implications of these choices might be, and how to make better ones.



Property or pension in retirement? Maybe blending is the answer

Matt Conradi, Head of Client Advisory


While it is crucial to ensure you prepare effectively for retirement, what’s the best path to take? The property vs pension debate is often heated, but which route is most appropriate for you? Matt analyses both options, crunching the numbers and making it easier for readers to make their own assessment by providing the facts that matter.



How can anxious investors cope?

Rachel Willox, Head of Operations and Client Service


Investing can often be stressful and investors can be faced with vociferous opinions and opposing insights. Rachel examines how volatility can unsettle us, how the prominence of news can cause anxiety and she helps to put events into perspective so investors can focus on their goals in life.



Netwealth portfolio performance – our five-year track record

Iain Barnes, Head of Portfolio Management


For many investors, a wealth manager’s five-year performance figures are a landmark release – it indicates whether a company’s investment approach is on track and whether their returns are consistent. Iain outlines in detail how the Netwealth strategy meets the needs of our clients and how we have outperformed our peers.



Weathering storms: building financial resilience for retirement

Sam Pitts-Tucker, Senior Client Adviser


A comfortable retirement doesn’t just happen without any intervention from you – you must ensure resilience is embedded into your investment and financial planning strategy. Sam looks at the distinct steps you should take to prepare your portfolios and help you adapt to the challenges ahead.



The rule of six – 6 investment lessons for 2021

Simon McConnell, Portfolio Manager


At the start of any year, while it is impossible to make forecasts, there are certain established lessons you can implement to help ensure your investment strategy remains on track. Simon examines the benefits of staying invested, where to find appropriate sources of income, highlights the perils of speculative investments and more. Many of these key messages also apply for 2022 – and every year.



Edward Bonham Carter appointed Chairman of Netwealth



Earlier in the year we were very pleased to announce that Edward Bonham Carter would become Netwealth’s chairman. Read about why Edward finds Netwealth to be a compelling proposition and you can also watch his conversation with our CEO Charlotte Ransom, where they discuss the future of the industry and the terrific potential for investors.



Please note, the value of your investments can go down as well as up.

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