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In 2022 there were many challenges for investors and those planning ahead. To help readers make better financial decisions, we wrote about what our experience has shown us, and highlighted themes and thinking that may ease their concerns. The pieces below are among those that have been read and shared the most.

Preparing for a recession – does market timing work?

Max Allison, Associate Portfolio Manager


If a recession unfolds in 2023, it would be broadly predicted and not a great surprise. There are enough signs to make investors nervous – but what can they do? Max explores why reducing your exposure to equities and increasing your exposure to bonds at the right time is much easier said than done.



Sterling markets and the need to establish policy credibility

Gerard Lyons, Chief Economic Strategist


After the mini-Budget triggered a major sell-off in UK assets, Gerard cited that policy makers appeared “to have been insensitive to market concerns, or not appreciated the extent to which they might unfold.” Aiming for a pro-growth strategy makes sense, but there is also an imperative to also establish policy credibility in doing so.



6 scenarios when financial advice could save you some trouble (and a tidy sum) 

Tom Kimche, Senior Client Adviser


When can financial advice be really useful, and save you a meaningful sum of money? Tom first examines the value of advice and then explores six scenarios where it could make a big difference to your financial outcome.



How socially responsible investing can work with your overall investment approach

Louisa Gaynor, Associate Client Adviser


In this article Louisa explains why socially responsible investing doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing approach. Better understanding the rationale and benefits of this strategy can help you decide if it’s suitable for at least some of your overall investments – and help you invest according to your values.



Why I joined Netwealth

Gary Horn, Client Adviser


Like many individuals, financial adviser Gary had evaluated his circumstances during the pandemic to see if he could improve his financial outcome. To meet the needs of his family, he became a Netwealth client – and to better address the needs of his own clients, he joined the Netwealth team.



Should we be concerned about investing now?

Iain Barnes, Chief Investment Officer


As uncertainty levels ratcheted up earlier in the year, Iain sought to reassure investors by highlighting how a long-term approach can help to mitigate short-term instability, and by outlining how to prepare resilient portfolios.



“What I wish I’d known” – lessons from retirees about retirement



We conducted a survey this year with retirees and those approaching retirement to find out about their regrets and what they might have done differently with the benefit of hindsight. The results may be very useful for those who wish to make the right decisions to help them retire as comfortably as planned.




Please note, the value of your investments can go down as well as up.


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