How the Netwealth ethos aligns with International Women’s Day

International Women's Day (IWD) celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women on 8th March every year – and signifies a call to action to accelerate gender parity. Its ethos is very much in tune with the equality we foster at Netwealth: whether the environment we ensure to help a diverse employee community thrive, the leading roles women occupy across our business and also borne out in the ~50:50 ratio between female and male clients.

How does equality and freedom of opportunity empower you in work and in life?


Charlotte Ransom, CEO

I have worked full time in financial services since leaving university – an industry which is well known for being male dominated. The only difference with a technology oriented financial services company is that, in theory, it is even less likely to see women thrive. 


That doesn’t have to be the case. My career has been fascinating, hard work, exciting and challenging in equal amounts, and I am also proud to have been able to enjoy a happy marriage and have four fabulous children during that period. Sure, I have had to make some compromises along the way, but I have loved the fact that I have not felt hemmed in by norms or others’ expectations and I am already enjoying seeing my two daughters flourish in their own chosen careers.


In my view, work should be about doing something that you find fulfilling, for a company which respects your talent and principles and will help you grow and thrive in a healthy and productive environment. This is what we strive for every day at Netwealth, for all our colleagues. Of particular pride for me, is that almost half our clients are female, versus an industry standard of below 25%. Our female clients have found a company which they trust and that helps them feel confident they can meet their all-important financial goals. 


With ever greater equality and freedom of opportunity, women’s financial independence is growing dramatically and all of us at Netwealth are focused on ensuring that we can help make that reality a positive and empowering transition.


Synthia Gazi, Client Service Representative

I joined Netwealth while I was completing my degree in Economics and Business. As a relatively recent graduate trying to build a career in finance, Netwealth has been an extremely rewarding first job.


The opportunities I have been given since joining Netwealth in 2022 have been increasingly beneficial to my career progression and growth. The workplace and company ethos harbour equal opportunities for all, regardless of their gender, age, and how far they are in their career. The freedom of opportunity I have experienced since joining has empowered me to take on new challenges at work and has pushed me to break out of my comfort zone.


Navigating the ‘real world’ has felt less daunting with the support of the company. The company have also contributed to my professional development by funding my Investment Compliance diploma. I have had the chance to make a change to the company and share my ideas and views without hesitation. This has encouraged my confidence outside of work and has helped me to excel relative to my demographic. As a woman and a young adult, I feel Netwealth has given me an excellent job and has rewarded me in more ways than I could have imagined. 


Anne-Marie Olajide, Associate Product Manager

Within 10 months of joining Netwealth, I've gained a breadth and depth in experience. The company's culture has significantly boosted my confidence as a product manager.


I am still amazed at how invested the senior leadership team are in the ongoing development of projects, not just the finished product. Such an environment fosters growth and has affirmed the value of my contributions. I am encouraged to speak up when it matters, knowing I will be heard; my assertiveness is not classed as bossiness, and I can ask questions without the fear of being viewed as unintelligent or having a lack of substance.


Consequently, there has been an evolution in my mindset and leadership style, even in my extra-curricular activities – such that I am eager to take on opportunities and explore ideas I'd previously avoided due to fear. Now, I embrace the unknown with optimism, excited for the potential impact I can make and assured that I will develop as a person.


Hannah Soye, Head of People

Working in leadership teams where I have been one of few women has never fazed me and I have never felt the need to be anything but myself - an attribute I credit to my father.




My father has been both an incredible role model and exceptional mentor throughout my life. He always encouraged my self-belief, celebrated my wins, told me straight when I’d messed up and most importantly, taught me to always trust my gut instinct and act decisively as a result. I have never felt anything but equal and free to make my own moves and state my own opinion and this has served me well. Perhaps by assuming my right to be in a room, my presence has never been challenged!


I am fortunate to have found companies (and CEOs) to work with, whose default positions have been to offer support, attractive challenges, opportunity and ultimately faith in my capability and value. As a working parent, I have also been afforded a great deal of autonomy and flexibility. This is an equality and freedom in itself and, alongside the 50/50 partnership with my husband, has allowed me to continue to progress my career while raising two beautiful and powerful young daughters.


Shraddha Shah, Senior Developer (Engineering)

Equality began at home from a very young age; my parents instilled in us the importance of equal opportunities, supporting my decision to pursue post-graduation in the UK.



Originating from an engineering background, I've witnessed the male-dominated industry first-hand, with just five out of 30 students being female during my bachelor's degree. Yet over my 20 year career, I've thrived as a developer in various domains through hard work, dedication, and effective teamwork. Enjoying equality and freedom of opportunity at work has allowed me to develop both professionally and personally, granting me access to the same career advancements as my male colleagues. This empowerment has given me financial independence, confidence, and a profound sense of achievement.


Additionally, I have full family support with shared responsibilities and freedom to make important decisions at home. Being happily married and a mother of two wonderful children has inspired me to excel in all aspects of life, effectively balancing work and family commitments.


At Netwealth, I feel women are highly appreciated and valued. There is a dynamic environment, with exciting challenges and a fantastic work culture, ensuring equal opportunities for growth and leadership for women – and it makes me proud to be a part of such a forward-thinking company.


Louisa Gaynor, Senior Client Adviser

I think that who you surround yourself with in the workplace has a big impact on what you believe you can achieve in your career – for this reason, I feel exceptionally privileged to work at Netwealth.


Since I joined in 2019, there has always been a strong female presence – not only among our junior colleagues who are starting out in their career but at every level and into the Senior Management Team. I have been fortunate enough to work with women who have been able to champion their careers while also building a family and, for me, this is the definition of an empowering work environment. When you see that it can be done, it motivates you to aim high on all accounts (professionally and personally) and believe that you can excel at both.


This belief extends into the social environment as well. I see my sisters and female friends pave their own careers as entrepreneurs, across creative industries, becoming lawyers and accountants and it is fantastic. It has truly made me believe that if you work hard and have a good attitude, you have the freedom of opportunity to achieve whatever you set your mind to.



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