Netwealth's product offering

Managed by experts and designed to meet your financial goals

Our core investment products


Our personal pension allows you to consolidate existing pensions and save flexibly towards the future.


Make full use of your annual allowances and benefit from tax-free investing for you and your family.

General Investing

Invest in any combination of our portfolios. Available in GBP, EUR and USD base currencies.

Saving for your children

If you are thinking about making financial plans for passing wealth to the next generation, Netwealth can help. You can start early with regular and tax-efficient savings, or consider larger gifting. We offer both Junior ISAs and Junior GIAs so you can start saving straight away for your children's future.


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Charities, Trusts and Corporate accounts

Benefit from an expert team, lower fees and a service designed around your organisation's needs, with secure access for all trustees and directors. Work with Netwealth's qualified financial advisers and access advanced planning tools for your Business or Trust. We are experts in planning and helping clients understand how to best meet their specific financial objectives.


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