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Charity, Trust and Corporate Accounts at Netwealth

Designed for your organisation's needs with secure access for all trustees and directors

Open your Charity, Trust or Corporate Account

Use our tools to help plan

Our online tools help you build a plan for sustainable income or capital growth, ensuring your Trust's or Business's resources are being put to the best use.

Benefit from lower fees and an
expert team

Whilst the performance of markets will always vary, the long-term value of lower fees is indisputable. Benefit from fully managed, low cost investments with a Netwealth investment account.

Experience the ease of
fully managed discretionary portfolios

Entrusting your funds to our expert portfolio management team allows you to meet your fiduciary duties with the ease of having your investments fully managed.

Planning for the future

Work with Netwealth's team of qualified financial advisers and access more advanced planning tools if required for your Business or Trust. We are experts in planning and helping clients understand how to best meet their specific financial objectives based on their own unique circumstances and requirements.

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A Flexible approach to investing

Our General Investment accounts for Charities, Trusts and Corporates are taxable investment accounts which can be used for both regular savings and one-off investments. They have the added flexibility of withdrawals at any time, free of exit charges. Our innovative online service allows multiple directors and trustees to have access to the portfolios and communicate with our client service team in a secure manner.

Netwealth Charity, Trust and Corporate Account FAQs

Our accounts are open to a full range of entities including Discretionary Trusts, Personal Injury Trusts, Partnerships, Corporates and Charitable organisations.

The minimum amount to open a Netwealth Charity, Trust or Corporate account is £50,000.   

Yes, at the end of each tax year we will provide you with a fully comprehensive tax report to allow you or your accountant to complete your self-assessment tax return.  You can also request an ad hoc version at any time via our Tax Allowances and Services dashboard to monitor this during the year.

Similar to our standard account opening process you would design your investment online, selecting your investment goal and your risk level.  There is an additional application form that accompanies this which our client service team will pre-fill and send to you to complete and sign. This allows you to select the signatories and provide details of beneficiaries and other trustees/directors. To start designing a portfolio for your organisation, please follow the links to the Netwealth Modelling Tools and then select the link to set up a new charity, trust or corporate account.

Since 3 January 2018, all Trust and Corporates (except for Bare Trusts) require a Legal Entity Identifier for transaction reporting. If your entity does not have one already then this can be applied for at the London Stock Exchange for a cost of £90+VAT. We can do this on your behalf as part of the application process for no additional fee.

This will vary and will be communicated to you by our Client Service Team.  For Trusts, typically a copy of the Trust Deed and a recent Trust bank statement are required. For Companies we can retrieve most information online but we will let you know if anything further is required.

Yes, our advanced technology allows multiple authorised persons to be granted access to our Charity, Trust or Corporate accounts.

Yes, you can open personal accounts as well as an account for your Trust or Business.  These are kept separate and you can toggle between the two through our online interface. For example, other Trustees can have access to the Trust Netwealth account but will not be able to access your personal Netwealth account.

Yes, if for tax purposes the income from your Trust is designated differently, this can be segregated in a separate portfolio and either held in cash or withdrawn.  Please select this option on your application form.

If you have unrealised capital gains within your Trust’s General Investment Account, we may be able to harvest capital gains for you, that can be offset against your Trust’s tax-free allowance for the current tax year. This would involve selling assets in the Trust's Account that have increased in value to realise the gains. By switching the Trust into substitute assets that provide a similar market exposure, we would aim to retain the same asset allocation within the Trust's Account; then, at a later date, we would sell these substitute assets and return the Trust to the standard portfolio exposure.

Yes, you can open accounts in GBP, USD or EUR across all 7 of our risk levels.

You are free to withdraw from your Netwealth account at any time. Please contact us with the details of your one-off or regular withdrawal and we will set that up for you.  According to your set up, we will gain authorisation from the other signatories if required.

We can stagger in the investment of larger sized portfolios according to a monthly schedule on request.  Our minimum staggered investment amount is £10,000.  Please contact us if this is of interest.

The Netwealth Advisory Team

Matt Conradi

Head of Client Advisory

Rachel Willox

Head of Operations and Client Service

Tom Kimche

Senior Client Adviser

Sam Pitts-Tucker

Senior Client Adviser

Louisa Gaynor

Client Adviser

From left to right:

Matt Conradi

Head of Client Advisory

Rachel Willox

Head of Operations and Client Service

Tom Kimche

Senior Client Adviser

Sam Pitts-Tucker

Senior Client Adviser

Louisa Gaynor

Client Adviser

Why choose the Netwealth Service

Expert financial planners to discuss your financial goals and recommend the best approach.

Powerful online service for you to plan for your Trust's or Business's future cashflow needs.

Fully managed portfolios can help trustees to meet their fiduciary duties.

Transparency - access and monitor all holdings in your portfolio 24/7.

Secure access for all directors and trustees via our innovative online portal.

One off top ups and monthly direct debits available.

Regular or one-off withdrawals with no exit charges.

Institutional-grade security: all clients assets are separately custodied and ring-fenced.

I have been very impressed by the Netwealth service. It gives me greater transparency and at considerably lower fees than traditional providers, as well as the comfort of knowing that my SIPP funds are being professionally managed, with access to advisers if I need it.

Justin Rushbrooke


The Netwealth service has provided me with financial peace of mind, with its very low charges and user friendly access to my account. I am extremely pleased with the switch.

Ina Machen


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