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The Netwealth Stocks and Shares ISA

Benefit from tax-free saving for you and your family.

open your ISA or JISA account

Make full use of your annual
tax allowances

Each year an adult can save £20,000 into an ISA and returns and income are sheltered fromcapital gains and income tax.

Benefit from lower fees and an
expert team

Consolidate your ISAs into a cost-effective and fully managed Netwealth Stocks and Shares ISA.

Model your financial goals with
Netwealth’s online tools

User friendly, financial tools to plan more easily for your financial goals and choose appropriate portfolios.

The Benefits of a Netwealth Stocks and Shares ISA

We believe that one of the keys to good financial planning is maximising the tax allowances made available to you. Putting your savings in a tax-free wrapper can greatly improve your net returns over the long term.

The Netwealth Stocks and Shares ISA allows you to select one or more of our diversified portfolios for your tax-free investment; make regular savings with a monthly direct debit or standing order or top up with cash during the year as suits you. We also offer an automated service to subscribe your ISA at the start of each tax year from selling investments held with us in General Investment Accounts; and our Tax Allowances and Services dashboard allows you to keep track of your remaining ISA allowance during the tax year.

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Transferring Existing Isa

Transferring your existing ISAs to Netwealth

Although you can open a new ISA each tax year with a different provider, sometimes consolidating your existing ISAs make sense and allows you to simplify your financial planning.

You can transfer both cash and stocks and shares ISAs held with other providers without losing the tax-free status. Our experienced transfers team will take care of the paperwork and following up with your existing providers.

More about transferring your ISA

Netwealth ISA FAQs

The first step is to register with Netwealth and design your investment, selecting the risk level for your ISA portfolio. Once your ISA is created, our client service team will be in touch to confirm the next steps but this should normally be available to fund within 1 business day. You can make one-off payments as well as set up a monthly direct debit.

Once you have opened your Netwealth Stocks and Shares ISA, you can easily transfer one or more existing ISAs to us. Our client service team will send you a pre-filled form to complete and once received will take care of contacting your current providers.

ISA transfers vary depending on the provider and the type of ISA you are transferring. You should allow up to 15 business days for a cash ISA and up to 30 days for a stocks and shares ISA.

This will depend on your existing ISA provider but for prior tax year ISAs you can often make a partial ISA transfer. Current tax year contributions must be transferred in full.

There are no charges by Netwealth for transferring in an ISA. However, you should check with your existing provider as some providers do levy exit charges. Please contact if you would like us to look into exit charges applied by your existing provider.

The minimum investment to become a client of Netwealth is £50,000. This however can be made up of different account types as well as include both cash deposits and transfers from other providers. The minimum portfolio size for an ISA is £5,000 or £1,000 for a JISA. If you are unsure about meeting the minimums or have any questions, please set up a call with one of our client advisers. You can transfer stocks and shares, cash and innovative finance ISAs held with other providers.

Your ISA is invested in one of our seven risk levels as chosen by you. You can split your ISA into different portfolios depending on your financial goals. Each of our risk level investment strategies are monitored and managed by our deeply experienced investment team.

As part of the transfer process we will instruct your existing provider to sell your current ISA holdings and transfer the cash proceeds to us. Once received we will invest these within 24 hours into your chosen risk level.

Our website and mobile app are available for you to view your holdings, transactions and the performance of your ISA investments.

Yes, we offer both one-off and annually recurring transfers from your General Investment accounts to your ISA and any JISAs. These can be set up and managed via the ‘Tax Allowances and Services’ section of your online account.

The ‘Tax allowances and Services’ section of your online account allows you to monitor your ISA and JISA allowances remaining during the tax year to ensure that you can maximise these before the end of the tax year.

Yes, you are free to withdraw your money at any time; however please note that the Netwealth Stocks and Shares ISA is not a flexible ISA therefore if you are withdrawing money deposited in this tax year then your ISA allowance will remain used.

If you decide to transfer your ISA away from Netwealth to another provider then please do not withdraw the funds as they will contact us directly to arrange the transfer.

The ISA stays open and remains tax-free until it is closed by your executor and passed on to your beneficiaries. If you have a spouse or civil partner, when you die they also inherit an additional ISA allowance up to:

  • the value held in the ISA when you died
  • the value of the ISA when it is closed

Therefore assuming the ISA passes to a spouse or civil partner it maintains its tax-free status.

Netwealth JISA FAQs

Yes, we offer Junior Stocks and Shares ISAs. Only a parent or legal guardian can open a Junior ISA in the name of a child. The person opening the account will be the registered contact and will be responsible for how the money is invested. Although the Junior ISA must be opened by a parent or legal guardian, anyone can make a contribution as long as the total does not exceed the annual limit which currently stands at £9,000 per tax year.

Yes, as a child can only hold one Stocks and Shares Junior ISA, any existing Stocks and Shares JISAs will need be transferred to Netwealth. Our client service team will send you a pre-filled form to complete and once received will take care of contacting your current provider.

Yes, as a child cannot cannot hold both a Child Trust Fund and a JISA, if they have a CTF this will need to be transferred to Netwealth where it will become a Stocks and Shares JISA. Our client service team will send you a pre-filled form to complete and once received will take care of contacting your current provider.

You cannot withdraw funds from a JISA. Once your child turns 18, we will invite them to open an ISA with Netwealth and their JISA will be converted into this adult ISA. They will then have full access to their ISA and may withdraw from it if they wish to.

Why choose the Netwealth Service

Expert financial planners to discuss your retirement and recommend the best approach.

Powerful online service for you to plan for your pension or other investments.

Seasoned investment team looking after your pension.

Transparency - access and monitor all holdings in your portfolio 24/7.

Fully managed pension transfer on your behalf and consolidation in one accessible place.

Regular personal and employer contributions available.

Flexi-access drawdown.

Institutional-grade security: all clients assets are separately custodied and ring-fenced.

I have been very impressed by the Netwealth service. It gives me greater transparency and at considerably lower fees than traditional providers, as well as the comfort of knowing that my SIPP funds are being professionally managed, with access to advisers if I need it.

Justin Rushbrooke


The Netwealth service has provided me with financial peace of mind, with its very low charges and user friendly access to my account. I am extremely pleased with the switch.

Ina Machen


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