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Retirement planning and pension consolidation with Netwealth

Designed to meet your life goals, whether you’re saving or drawing down

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qualified advisers

Our team is available to discuss your retirement options and how best to meet your financial goals.

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Consolidate your pensions into a cost-effective, fully managed and flexible personal pension.

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Netwealth’s online tools

User friendly, financial tools to plan more easily for your retirement and choose appropriate portfolios.

Retirement planning

We believe the key to a prosperous retirement is to put in place a sensible plan. Our intuitive online projection tools are designed to help you plan for your retirement by allowing you to model key variables and assess how long your pension assets could last.

Netwealth also has a team of qualified financial advisers available to discuss your circumstances and requirements. They are on hand to offer financial guidance at any time and will provide you with the factual information you need to make more informed decisions. We also offer financial advice which will provide you with our recommendations for how you can best meet your retirement goals.

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Transferring your pension with Netwealth

The Netwealth Personal Pension administered by Intelligent Money lets you flexibly save towards your retirement and offers a range of options for drawing your benefits such as Flexi-Access drawdown, so you can control how and when you draw an income in your retirement.

You can easily transfer one or more existing pensions through our simple online transfer form; as well as make direct and/or employer contributions. There are no charges for transfers or contributions into your pension.

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Netwealth Personal Pension FAQs

The first step is to open a new pension account with Netwealth by designing an investment on our website here. Once your pension account has been created our online pension transfer tool is used to input details of the pensions to be consolidated. If your current provider(s) require a form we will let you know, however, in many cases the digital signature is enough. Our Client Services team then use the information you provided to request the transfer of the funds from your existing pension(s) to your new Netwealth pension. Once the funds are received they are invested in the portfolio you chose when designing your investment.In most cases, your old pension will then be closed although you can request that they are kept open if, for example, you only wanted to transfer part of a pension to Netwealth.

Yes, you can make regular personal or employer contributions at times convenient to you, either by regular direct debit or one-off payments from your bank account. The Netwealth Personal Pension is a HM Revenue & Customs registered pension scheme, and as such benefits from the normal tax relief available to pensions. You can receive tax relief on personal contributions up to the value of your earnings, or £3,600, whichever is the higher. We will claim basic rate tax relief on your behalf from HMRC and this can then be added to the account.

Once you have opened your Netwealth Personal Pension, you can easily transfer one or more existing pensions through our simple online transfer form. In the rare instances where there is any additional paperwork to complete, we will let you know.

Pension transfers vary depending on the provider and the type of pension you are transferring across e.g. whether it is a SIPP or workplace pension. It is best to allow 6-8 weeks, but we can give you a more accurate estimate once we receive your transfer request. In rare cases the transfer may exceed the 8 week estimated time frame but this will depend on your existing provider and the amount of paperwork required by them. Our transfer team complete weekly chasers and can provide updates whenever you need them.

There are no charges by Netwealth for transferring in a pension. However, you should check with your existing provider as some providers do levy exit charges.

Where you have any uncrystallised pension funds, these can be partially transferred. For crystallised pension funds, normally these have to be transferred in full, although it is worth checking with your existing provider as there may be an ability to partially transfer these.

The Netwealth Personal Pension administered by Intelligent Money offers a range of options for drawing your benefits such as flexi-access drawdown, UFPLS (uncrystallised funds pension lump sum), taking tax free cash and annuities.  Our advisers are experts in helping you decide the best way to access your pension funds and plan your retirement.

Yes, we offer guidance on retirement or full financial planning. The first step is to book a complimentary initial call with an adviser (link) to discuss your individual circumstances.

The minimum amount to open a Netwealth account is £50,000 and given the fixed £150 administration charge we would not recommend opening a Netwealth Personal Pension for much less than this, unless you are planning to increase the value of the pension through additional contributions in the near future. You can transfer SIPPs, stakeholder pensions and most defined contribution pensions to Netwealth. Under most circumstances we are not able to accept transfers from a defined benefit (final salary) pension schemes but if you are looking to transfer one of these schemes please book a call to discuss further and our advisers will be able to confirm.

The pension is invested in one of our seven risk levels as chosen by you. You can split your pension into different portfolios depending on your retirement goals. Each of our risk level investment strategies are monitored and managed by our deeply experienced investment team.

Our website and mobile app are available for you to view your holdings, transactions and the performance of your pension investments.

There is an annual administration charge of £180 levied by Intelligent Money. Other charges may apply depending on the services you access. Full details of our charges can be found at fees other

When you open a Netwealth Personal Pension we will ask you to complete an Expression of Wish form to nominate your beneficiaries. This can be updated at any time on request. The trustees of the pension will use this information on your death to pass on the value of your pension to your beneficiaries. If you die before age 75 benefits can usually be passed on to your beneficiaries free of income tax. Death benefits from all pensions are normally free of inheritance tax.

Why choose the Netwealth Service

Expert financial planners to discuss your retirement and recommend the best approach.

Powerful online service for you to plan for your pension or other investments.

Seasoned investment team looking after your pension.

Transparency - access and monitor all holdings in your portfolio 24/7.

Fully managed pension transfer on your behalf and consolidation in one accessible place.

Regular personal and employer contributions available.

Flexi-access drawdown.

Institutional-grade security: all clients assets are separately custodied and ring-fenced.

I have been very impressed by the Netwealth service. It gives me greater transparency and at considerably lower fees than traditional providers, as well as the comfort of knowing that my SIPP funds are being professionally managed, with access to advisers if I need it.

Justin Rushbrooke


The Netwealth service has provided me with financial peace of mind, with its very low charges and user friendly access to my account. I am extremely pleased with the switch.

Ina Machen


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