Wealth Management is Changing: How We Anticipate the Needs of Modern Investors

Investors are increasingly restless. Like many aspects of life, how our money is managed and invested is experiencing major changes. The new EY 2019 Global Wealth Management Research Report examines what these shifts mean in detail. At Netwealth we are pleased to say that we already address many of the concerns and challenges that modern investors face.

Clients demand fairer fees

The report found that a third of clients plan to change who looks after their money over the next three years – citing pricing as the most important attribute of a service when they are considering a move. As well as our industry-leading team and powerful technology, one of the defining aspects of Netwealth is our focus on low fees. This can have a remarkable impact on long-term returns, as this article shows.

Investors value a personalised touch

Technology-enabled businesses are anticipated to be the biggest percentage beneficiaries of respondents who are planning to change providers in the next three years – yet the second most important feature that potential switchers value is personalised attention. People need their questions answered, and their concerns anticipated.

Netwealth’s hybrid model gives investors the best of both worlds: our technology gives them the freedom to do more, more easily plus our experienced client advisers are always on hand to help clients to effectively plan for the meaningful events in their lives.

Transparency matters

Investors insist on clarity. The EY report states that, “Many clients do not trust that they are charged fairly by their provider”, a sentiment we also uncovered in our own survey with YouGov last year. In fact, when we asked investors what were the most important qualities when choosing a wealth manager, the number one response was transparency around how fees are charged.

Being transparent in every aspect of our service – with our fees, how and where we invest – is one of our founding principles, because it is fairer for investors, and because it makes good business sense.

In conclusion: clients are embracing better choices, and more control

Unsurprisingly, investors are now highly active in seeking out better opportunities to make the most of their money. New technology gives them more control, and evolving business models and challenger brands are changing what they really value from a wealth manager.

Clients demand easier access to their money, and more clarity around their investments – for a lower cost. A modern wealth manager like Netwealth is well positioned to address the needs of investors now and guide them as they strive to make their money work harder over the long term.

Please remember that when investing your capital is at risk.

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